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RE: [Genealogy Research Club] Im new here

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  • ryan evans
    send me the name ill halp you Clark & Rita Pederson wrote: Cindy: Before you spend a lot of money subscribing to ancestry.com you might try
    Message 1 of 3 , Feb 23, 2006
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      send me the name ill halp you

      Clark & Rita Pederson <pedj@...> wrote: Cindy:

      Before you spend a lot of money subscribing to ancestry.com you might try
      enrolling in one of their genealogy classes. Besides learning about some
      aspect of genealogy research you also get access to the ancestry.com
      databases that are relevant to the class during the class period. We have
      found the classes to be pretty good. Check out upcoming classes:
      http://www.ancestry.com/community/ under resources on the right click on
      "sign up for family history classes". Check the course outlines and the
      ancestry databases used with the class.

      I would also sign up for the free ancestry daily newsletter
      http://www.ancestry.com/learn/ (click on Get Free Family History tips,
      news and Updates.-select daily) It is a great way to learn about genealogy
      research with a daily column by various professional genealogists and a
      quick tip submitted by amateur genealogists. We have learned a lot about
      research from reading these newsletters.




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      Subject: [Genealogy Research Club] Im new here

      Hi I am new to this I am trying to research my family.. I know allot of
      their names but don't know where to even start. I thought about joining
      Ancestry.com is that a wise place to start or is there somewhere better..
      everywhere I look you have to pay for and I am willing to but don't want to
      get too ripped off... I have a name of one of my moms uncles who died in
      WW1 I have a first name and I am going to assume he has my grandmothers
      maiden name.. any suggestions on finding more about him.. I don't know what
      part of the war but I believe he was army.. maybe I am starting in the
      wrong place but not sure how to do this..
      Thanks for letting me join your group!

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