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  • Tina Stedman
    I think there are several things that people need to think about before paying money and in starting their research. 1. You need to start with yourself and
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 6, 2005
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      I think there are several things that people need to think about
      before paying money and in starting their research.

      1. You need to start with yourself and work backwards. Starting with
      someone who you believe is your ancestor may turn out to be someone

      2. When finding info on the web you need to find out what the source
      is. Most info will only be clues but will have no standard of proof.
      Thanks to some great folks though more and more actual documents are
      making their way online.

      3. What genealogical societies can you join? Most societies are
      fairly inexpensive to join and have access to certain databases online
      from home. For instance, the Ohio Genealogical Society allows members
      to access their database and Heritage Quest from home. You just have
      to have your member number.

      4. Have you checked out http://www.usgenweb.com This is a state
      database that are run by state first, then by county. Some counties
      have alot of info on them from transcribing from books in the county
      library. Others only have links. The site is only as good as the
      volunteers that help in that county. They also have a list of people
      who are willing to look things up in the books that they own.

      5. Have you searched the websites for local genealogical and
      historical societies? They can also hold a ton of facutal info. The
      Library of Congress is also in the process of scanning all their books
      and putting them online. With new info being added daily. This is
      the case with many locations. Some states even have birth, death, and
      marriage records online already.

      6. Are you someone who has time to go to the local library? Most
      local libraries have access to ancestry.com from their computers.
      Some have access to other databases from home using your library card
      to access the data.

      7. If you are someone who money is not a factor, then sure go ahead
      and get a subscription. If you, on the other hand, are concerned
      about the money spent, then I would suggest going to your local LDS
      library which has complete access or to your local
      library/genealogical library to try out the different sites and see if
      they would have enough data on your ancestors to make it worthwhile.
      Some people will find lots of info on their family and some will not.

      Just remember that there are alot of free sites that do offer valuable
      info. You just have to look for them. Some are listed at
      http://www.cyndislist.com Others can be found from
      http://www.usgenweb.com or from their local/state genealogical
      website. Googling or Yahooing also helps alot.

      I hope that this has helped some of you. Any questions, don't
      hesitate to ask.

      Tina Stedman
      List Admin

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      > Question, 1st off...you guys have been so awesome with helping when
      I have questions, requests for help so thank you all!! But my
      question, is how do you find the info when you respond..what sites are
      you guys members of that you think, if you had to pick one it would be
      that one.
      > Rhonda
      > "Love me, Love my Great Dane"
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