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  • Forrest Plumstead
    Hi List! Merry Christmas! Well it s time for me to shamelessly plug my website. First of all I have just added my families connection to three U. S.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2005
      Hi List!

      Merry Christmas!

      Well it's time for me to shamelessly plug my website. First of all I have
      just added my families connection to three U. S. Presidents. Hertbert C
      Hoover, Richard Nixon, and Teddy Roosevelt. Presidents Hoover and Nixon
      were Quaker Presidents. Although Teddy was not, he had Quaker blood in his
      Main Menu>History Index>President Index

      For those who would like to know what is contained in a WWI draft
      registration, I have a transcription of my wife's grandfather's online.
      Main Menu>History Index>World War I Draft Registration
      For those interested in seeing an original English parish marriage
      registration, I have my 4X g-grandparents from 1781
      Main Menu>History Index>Parish Records

      I now have a Cousins Chart for those who can't keep thier "times removed"
      Main Menu>Dozens of Cousins

      My home page contains a Search engine to look for anything on the website.
      And a search engine to look for possible photos posted at Dead Fred.com.

      The Quaker Index includes a Quaker song, Quaker Poetry, Monthly meeting
      Minutes for selected families at selected MM sites, the Passenger list for
      the Ship Welcome
      that William Penn sailed on. a court transcript of the trial of William
      Penn, The martyr of Frances Hobson, A transcription of the certificate of
      removal for the Healds when they came from England, A transcription of the
      will of Mary Bancroft, and some Quaker links.

      I have a Mayflower section with paintings by Dr. Mike Haywood, The Mayflower Ship's Log, and the Mayflower compact. A copy of the Lewis and Clark Journal is online. For the lighter side the is a genealogy humor page.

      I established this website on Feb 24, 2003 and so far it has 8775 hits. I
      would like to see it over 10,000 by the third anniversory. But please
      don't just go there to spin the counter, that's no fun. There should be
      somethng there of interest for every body, and it does not need to be
      Quaker related, even though there is plenty of that also.
      Have fun, sign the guestbook please.

      Forrest Plumstead fplum1@...
      Researching the following Surnames:
      Bushouse, Plumstead, Risser, Schroeder, Senne, Thayer,
      Quaker Families: Coppock, Heald, Hobson, Hollingsworth, Potts, Ross, Watt
      Plumstead and Associated Families: http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~fplum/
      Military Kool Lynx: http://geocities.com/fplum/
      Ham Radio WB5HQO http://forrest.3h.com/main.html

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