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Retracing my steps: Sylvester - Cochran connection

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  • David Sylvester
    Retracing my steps: Sylvester - Cochran connection - http://www.feliixplace.com/genealogy/sylvester.html Dummer Michael Mike Sylvester born 19 January 1865
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 7, 2005
      Retracing my steps: Sylvester - Cochran connection -

      Dummer Michael "Mike" Sylvester born 19 January 1865 in Etna,
      Penobscot, Maine son of Daniel Sylvester (Calvin 6, Edmund 5, Zebulon
      4, Zebulon [Silvester] 3, Israel 2, Richard 1) and Eliza Wolf Friend
      (Amos 7, Phineas 6, Benjamin 5, John 4, John 3, James 2, John 1). He
      died 1 March 1958 in Searsport, Waldo, Maine and is buried in Gordon
      Cemetery in Searsport.

      Evelyn Lissie Cochran born 20 April 1868 in Etna daughter of Randall
      Nelson Cochran (Samuel) and Phebe Elizabeth Glidden (William Stinson
      7, Ezekial Averill 6, Benjamin 5, Charles 4, Charles 3, Richard 2,
      Charles 1). She was missing June or July 1917 -- nothing further.

      Married 4 July 1891 as her second marriage. She had previously married
      Mr. Elbridge in 1888 in Carmel, Penobscot, Maine.


      1. Lionel Nelson Sylvester born 7 April 1892, died December 1945,
      married Mabel Stark 8 Nov 1917. One son. Later married Leona Jones.
      Two daughters.

      2. Vivian Daniel Sylvester born 20 November 1893 in Hartland,
      Somerset, Maine, died 24 October 1968. Married Evangeline Estelle
      Washburn of Madison, Somerset, Maine daughter of Edward Jones Washburn
      and Alice Eldora Williams 22 June 1916 in Madison, Somerset, Maine.
      Two sons.

      3. Gertrude Pansy Sylvester born 13 July 1899 in St. Albans, Somerset,
      Maine, died 28 May 1981, married Charles Roland Gordon 1 May 1921.
      One son and four daughters.

      Mike was a farmer and a carpenter. In addition to the towns above Mike
      and Evelyn also lived in Plymouth, Penobscot, Maine (1920); Belfast,
      Waldo, Maine; Searsport, Waldo, Maine where he was manager of the farm
      on Sears Island (1916-1917).

      After Evelyn's disappearance in 1917 Mike moved back to Belfast. Mike
      married Harriet J. Hooper or Harriet J. Martin of Belfast on 1 May
      1918. In 1920 Mike was living in Belfast with his daughter Gertrude.
      In 1930 he was living in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut with
      Gertrude's family. At some point in time he lived briefly in Florida.

      I remember him as "Old Gramps" (my great-grandfather) when I was a
      child. During that time he lived in Gertrude's home on Brock Road in
      Searsport where he died in 1958.

      Dummer Michael Sylvester should not be confused with his brother
      Dummer Sylvester. The elder Dummer Sylvester was born 22 July 1839 and
      died 9 December 1862 in Yorktown, Virginia while in U.S. Service.
      Dummer Sylvester was son of Daniel Sylvester and Mary Jane Mitchell.
      Dummer Sylvester deceased more than 2 years before Dummer Michael
      Sylvester was born.

      Sources available on request. If anybody has anything to add,
      subtract, confirm or refute I'd like to hear what you've got.

      If you'd like to add this information to your database or share it
      with others feel free to do so and please cite the source. If you
      would like to publish this information in your web site, your own
      book, CD or other publication I would appreciate a note from you
      saying so. This data is not to be submitted to any person,
      organization or firm that is in the business of collecting data to put
      on commercial CD's or commercial web sites for the purpose of selling
      it to their patrons.

      Best wishes,
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