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  • John P McCue
    My cousin last name is Henley and my great grandmother last name is Washburn. On Wed, 2 Nov 2005 08:30:16 -0800 (PST) Kellie
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2005
      My cousin last name is Henley and my great grandmother last name is

      On Wed, 2 Nov 2005 08:30:16 -0800 (PST) Kellie
      <horsepoweredcrab@...> writes:
      Hi All,

      Just a quick "hi". I think I have lurked long enough.
      I started tracing my family lines about 20 years ago,
      then stopped when I started having children. Now that
      the kids are older I have started again...boy have
      things changed for the better with this great thing
      called the internet.

      Here is a list of surnames on my list so far

      Adair, Ader, Anderson, Angell, Bailey, Beal, Bernell,
      Bertaut, Bertheaud, Beutelspacher, Beverly, Bieber,
      Birchfield, Black, Blue, Burke, Cambick, Cave,
      Childress, Clow, Coonfare, Cooper, Cory, Cram, Crow,
      Curts, DeFrance, Dobbins, Dobyns, Downing, Driscoll,
      Duncan, Elmore, Fletcher, Fraley, Fuller, Giffen,
      Gilleran, Godlove, Godson, Green, Gulick, Gustafson,
      Hall, Hamm, Hawkey, Henley, Hodgkins, Hopper, Huff,
      Hunter, Hussey, Jackson, Janson, Jeffries, Jefferies,
      Johanson, Jones, Keithly, Keller, Kelso, Kirk, Kramer,
      Larson, Lind, Linkderburger, Lykins, Lyle, Lymon,
      Manning, Martin, May, McMahon, Menten, Mills, Mulhern,
      Murphy, Nance, Neese, Neidig, Neidlinger, Northrop,
      Pinkerton, Pyper, Rahn, Randerson, Reed, Reidig,
      Rolfe, Savage, Schneck, Schnieder, Selves, Shaley,
      Shannon, Smith, Staley, Stanley, Stapleton, Stephens,
      Stream, Swan, Teany, Thomason, Thoss, VanBuren, Wall,
      Washburn, West, Willis, Winiteer, Winkleblack, Winter,
      Woolwine, Ziegler, Zumwalt

      This is both for me and my husbands side. It's growth
      has slowed down in some area's as I am starting to
      find a few brick walls, and in some area's, according
      to things put on Ancestry.com they go back to many
      points that you wonder if it's really true...or
      someone that just started making stuff up...lol

      Well...that is all for now


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