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  • logan@FamilyTreeRegistry.org
    I have just opened a free genealogy website, which I hope will be a useful new tool for genealogists and genealogical organizations and institutions, owing to
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 15, 2005
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      I have just opened a free genealogy website, which I hope will be a useful
      new tool for genealogists and genealogical organizations and institutions,
      owing to its advanced and unique features.

      The Family Tree Registry, www.FamilyTreeRegistry.org, is a free resource
      facilitating the exchange of genealogical information while maintaining the
      privacy of its users and their family trees. The Registry does not contain
      family trees. Instead, it functions as a central repository of descriptive
      information about family trees (including where to find them) and surnames
      appearing on them (but not about individuals). In other words, you won't
      put your aunt Betty's name online, but other genealogists will still be able
      to know whether your family tree interests them, and, if so, they will be
      able to contact you through the Registry, without seeing your email address
      (if you choose to keep it private).

      The Family Tree Registry also functions as a search engine, enabling users
      to find family trees by specifying properties the trees or surnames on the
      trees must possess. Properties such as ethnicity/sub-ethnicity,
      religion/sub-religion, place, date last modified, whether surnames or family
      trees contain nobility, whether they have associated DNA (genetic)
      information, and more are searchable. Surnames and places can also be
      specified and searched according to their native spelling in non-Latin
      characters (e.g., Chinese, Russian).

      When logged in, searches you perform can be saved so that you can easily
      retry them in the future, without having to respecify the search parameters.

      The Family Tree Registry is not limited in scope to family trees that are
      available online. You can also register family trees that are privately
      maintained offline, that are published in books, or that can be found in
      repositories. For example, the Genealogical Society of X can use the
      Registry to tell the world that it has a family tree covering certain
      surnames, ethnicities, places, dates, etc., and that it can be found at the
      Society's headquarters, without having to post the contents of the tree
      online. Or, if in your genealogical research you have encountered a rare
      out-of-print book that contains a family tree, you can use the Registry to
      make other genealogists aware of that tree's existence and location.

      The Family Tree Registry will increase in usefulness with the number of
      registered family trees, so I encourage you to register your trees and
      spread the word about this new tool. You can also help by sending ideas of
      ways to improve the site, such as additional ethnicity/sub-ethnicity or
      religion/sub-religion categories, additional properties you would like to be
      able to search by, or functionality you would like to see. Since the site
      has just opened, please especially tell me about any problems or
      difficulties you encounter.

      Best regards,

      Logan Kleinwaks
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