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[Genealogy Research Club] Re: general question

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  • Suzanne
    I think that s one of the items my sister was doing on her family tree portions was illnesses and what they died of, especially say if strokes run in the
    Message 1 of 2 , Jul 25, 2005
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      I think that's one of the items my sister was doing on her family
      tree portions was illnesses and what they died of, especially say if
      strokes run in the family like in mine. I have a foreign born son
      whom I adopted at age 2.5 months. I have next to no info on his
      family history, especially medically wise, so for me, I have to be
      very careful most of the time with potential illnesses and any
      possible allergies

      I'm up to around 162 people so far and that doesn't include the
      cousins to current. I don't know the names of their children. So
      I'm going to send letters to the families with a copy of their
      portion of the tree and see if they will assist and if they're
      interested in adding their spouse's families to the tree

      I found connections thru World Tree for where I can connect thru a
      great aunt and a great uncle, where we can attach to their trees as
      well. Once I add that, it'll double or triple the size of the tree

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      > For all those just getting into the co-lateral lines. You might be
      interested in comparing illnesses running in the family. This is a
      new trend, but seems to be the thing to add. This can be true when an
      unusual illness shows up in the family. There are groups now doing
      DNA research confirming that a certain gene runs along a line.
      > I have now met on the net hundreds of cousins and have found the
      naming of children of interest. When you run into someone whose
      middle name matches your surname list, you can be sure that they were
      related or a close friend of a relative. Yes, this becomes
      additiional research, but when you hit those brick walls, it becomes
      much more FUN and can lead to some interesting findings.
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      > Subject: [Genealogy Research Club] Re: general question
      > Hi Suzanne, When I first started (A hundred years ago...ha-ha) I
      > focused on following direct lineage back, but now I love doing
      > collateral searches which is what you are describing. I geuss for
      > it is recognizing that these were people who were important to my
      > direct line ancestors. How can I exclude my great-grandfather's
      > favourite aunt or his best friend and playmate, cousin Joe, twice
      > removed. I have had a much more rewarding search and even got to
      > the ggg granddaughter of my ggg grandfather's brother! We looked
      > much alike and shared the same views and feelings about life with
      > descendants of this men...Hope that made sense. I'm just trying
      > say it was amazing how similar our lives were even though our
      > common grandparents lived in the late 1700's England!!! Good
      > have fun and don't ever believe there is a right way or wrong way
      > gather together your family members. They are all your family.
      > My family names are Tassell and Deland.
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      > <suzannelivingstone@c...> wrote:
      > > Hi All. I'm a new member to this board and thought I would ask
      > > quick question. Are most members researching just their
      > > generations and back or are you researching your parents, their
      > > spouses and back down each siblings line and their children to
      > > present
      > >
      > > Hopefully that made sense. I have most info for all my cousins
      > > how they branch off our family tree and my dad's siblings.
      What I
      > > wondering about is for example my great aunts spouse and his
      > of
      > > the tree. I was actually able to find what I believe is part
      > > that tree
      > >
      > > I'm actually having more luck finding the extended portions of
      > > family rather than my direct family roots. My sister is a LDS
      > > member and started this process, so I'm helping her.
      > >
      > > My family name is Livingstone (Scottish). So far the farthest
      > > gotten is to my great-grandfather. We know he was born in
      > > and his parents are from Scotland, possibly outside Edinburgh.
      > > mom's family name is Radish and I can go back to great
      > > as well who was born in Kiev we believe, but the family name
      > > have been different
      > >
      > > Thanks, Suzanne
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