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Re: Hi, new to the group & I need help with family names

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  • jbaconsr
    In 1930 NC Robeson Co St Paul: Alex Jackson age 33 m 20 NC NC NC Ida age 31 m16 NC NC NC Willie age 11 NC NC NC Ruby age 10 NC NC NC Lonil? age 8 NC NC NC J C
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 3, 2005
      In 1930 NC Robeson Co St Paul:
      Alex Jackson age 33 m 20 NC NC NC
      Ida age 31 m16 NC NC NC
      Willie age 11 NC NC NC
      Ruby age 10 NC NC NC
      Lonil? age 8 NC NC NC
      J C age 5 NC NC NC
      Marjeret age 3 NC NC NC
      Esther age unk NC NC NC

      1920 NC St Paul
      Alex age 23 NC
      Ida age 22 NC
      William age 1 2/12 NC

      1910 NC St Paul
      Alex age 55 m1 28 NC NC NC
      Elmira age 47 m1 28 7-5 NC NC NC
      George R age 21 Nc NC NC
      Neil W age 20 NC NC NC
      Willia H age 18 NC NC NC
      Alex A age 14 NC NC NC
      Thomas Gibson grandson age 11/12

      1900 NC St Paul
      Alexander Jackson 4/1853 age 47 m19 NC NC NC
      Elmira 5/1853 age 37 m19 7-7 NC NC NC
      Mary 7/1882 NC NC NC
      Fannie 7/1884 NC NC NC
      George R 8/1886 age 13 NC NC NC
      Neil W 10/1889 age 10 NC NC NC
      Willie H 7/1891 age 8 NC NC NC
      James D 2/1896 age 4 NC NC NC
      Alexander 2/1899 age 1 NC NC NC

      1880 NC Baden Co, White Oak Dist 13
      Alex Jackson 24 laborer for William Davis.

      Also in Dist 13 is Elmira Davis d/o Edmund and Caroline
      Davis.Poosibly Alex's wife to be.

      1870 NC White Oak
      G W Jackson age 39 NC
      Mary E age 39 NC
      Alex age 13 NC
      Randolph age 10 NC
      Andrew age 9 NC
      Sarah J age 7 NC
      Ellen E age 5 NC
      Mahalla age 1
      Also Charly Barker ansd fanily.

      1860 NC White Oak
      George W Jackson age 28 NC
      ANNA s (DOMESTIC) AGE 24 nc
      Alex AGE 3 nc
      Mahala AGE 2 nc
      Randolph AGE UKN nc

      1850 NC Lenoir County Unknown Twp.
      Only three Jacksons in NC with George near the right age (1831). The
      other two were 1833.
      Caroll Jackson age 26 NC
      Caroline 28 NC
      Mary E age 23 NC
      George age 19 NC
      Sarah age 17 NC
      Wilson ? age 15 NC
      Shade age 13 NC
      Rebecca age 11 NC
      Major age 10 NC
      Anican ? age 8 NC
      Walter age 3 NC

      I'll check on the other families as time permits.

      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, "Jacksons"
      <rkmmjackson@e...> wrote:
      > Hi, my name is Deborah Jackson and I have been reading your e-mail
      > and search results for about 2 weeks after joining then. I am new
      to this
      > genealogy research, but am picking up for/with my wonderful
      mother. I have
      > no idea where to begin, so this is what I know:
      > My married name is Jackson. I live in North Carolina, where my
      husband was
      > born and raised. This is one search that I am doing on my own. My
      > s fathers name was J.C. (deceased) his mothers name is Charlotte
      > (still living). J C was born around 1920-ish. Would have been in
      his 80's
      > today. His father was Alexander Jackson, mother was Ida (Bunnells)
      of White
      > Oak, NC. J C had 6 brothers and sisters, and they ended up
      residing in St.
      > Pauls NC. The curiosity here on the Jackson side is that my
      husband and two
      > of his brothers bear a close resemblance to "Andrew Jackson" one of
      > presidents.
      > 2nd search with my mother is for her family. She grew up in western
      > Nebraska, around the Scottsbluff/Gering area. Her actual town of
      > was Morrill. Her mother Elsie (Dobrinski) married Henry Adams in
      the 1930's
      > My grandmother was only 14. I can trace the current family.
      Henry died
      > in 1959, the year I was born. In 1963 or 4 grandma married a John
      > Schwabauer. What I am looking for is this: The Dobrinski side of
      > family. They immigrated to the US from Germany, through Russia
      > through Canada. My great grandfathers name was Herman Heinrich
      > born in 1871, probably in Russia or Germany. He passed away in
      1921. My
      > Great grandmother was named Elizabeth (Somers), born around 1880,
      > probably in Russia.
      > 3rd Search for me is my real fathers side of the family. His name
      > Marvin Lavern Hamburger. He resided in Mitchell, NE. He passed
      away 1964
      > when I was 5. His fathers name was Reuben (?) Hamburger. His
      mothers name
      > was Molly (Simons) Hamburger. He had 1 sister and 1 brother, but I
      > lost contact with them over the years. Am trying to reestablish
      > there. My great grandparents came from Germany I believe through
      Canada. I
      > remember as a kid going to a nursing home to visit my Great
      > Simons. At the time he seemed to be 100, but my mother says that
      no, he was
      > in his late 80's. He passed away in the late sixties. His name
      was Phillip
      > Simons.
      > In summary I am looking for :
      > Jackson
      > Smith
      > Dobrinski
      > Adams
      > Hamburger
      > Simons
      > I have gone to Ancestry.com, but get locked out from the details
      because I
      > can't afford to pay the dues. Any help in how to go about this
      would be
      > greatly appreciated.
      > Thank you,
      > Deborah Jackson
      > Fayetteville, NC
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