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  • Kathie G
    Thank you so much! Now I at least have a place to start looking! :-) Kathie G Kathiejg7@yahoo.com ... From: jbaconsr To: genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2005
      Thank you so much! Now I at least have a place to start looking! :-)

      Kathie G

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      From: jbaconsr
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      Sent: Monday, January 31, 2005 8:29 PM
      Subject: [Genealogy Research Club] Re: Research question

      One way to track down parents is to find the children in some year
      after 1880. That will list the state of the parents birth. In your
      case Levi in 1880 was living in Somerset county Stony Creek twp.:
      Levi Shaffer age 60 born PA father born PA mother born PA
      Isabelle age 55 PA PA PA
      Minnie age 10 PA PA PA
      Eliza Wagner age 72 MD MD MD

      In 1850 Somersey,Somerset PA:
      Ancestry image 55 lists
      John Shaffer
      Eva Shaffer
      image 56 lists
      Jacob Shaffer age 68 born PA
      Catherine age 72 born PA
      image 57lists
      Levi Shaffer age 30 born PA
      Isabel age 25 born PA
      Catherine age 3 born PA
      Samuel age 4/12 born PA
      With Jacob and Catherine being in close proximity to Levi and a
      daughter named Catherine, it's a good bet that some how they are
      related to them.
      In 1860 somerset co,Somerset :
      Levi Shaffer age 40 born PA
      Isabel age 38 born PA
      Catherine age 13 born PA
      Jacob Coleman age 5 born PA
      same page
      Delilah Coleman age 32 born PA
      Cyrus age 14 born PA
      Benjiman age 12 born PA
      James age 3 born PA
      Sarah age 2 born Pa

      1870 Somersetco,Somerset
      Levi Shaffer age 50 born PA
      Isabella age 46 born PA
      Catherine age 22 born PA
      Jacob Coleman age 19 born PA

      1900 Lancasterco ,Little Britian twp
      John C. Shaffer age 42 born 11/1857 m8 PA PA PA
      Margeret J. age 47 born 3/1853 m8 PA PA PA
      Willaim age 7 born 6/1892 PA PA PA
      Edith age 3 born 4/1897 PA PA PA
      next door
      Sarah J. Shaffer age 76 born 12/1823 PA PA PA
      Mary E. age 44 born 5/1856 Pa PA PA
      same page
      Willaim Wilson age 57 born 2/1843 PA PA PA
      Sarah age 58 born 8/1841 PA PA PA
      George Brown (servant) age 15 born 8/1884 PA PA PA
      Isabelle Shaffer age 71 (sister in law)born 3/1829 PA PA PA

      In 1830 Somerset twp lived Jacob Shaffer with at least one son 10
      years of age.

      In 1840 Somerset twp lived John Shaffer(son of Jac) next door to
      Daniel Coleman and Jacob Shaffer(Jacob was younger than John).
      If you dig deep enough ,you should be able find the connecting
      thread in the following years to tie one of them in as being the
      logical parents.Once you narrow it down ,go to the 1850 census to
      get full nmaes and all household members.Watch the neighbors names,
      some times that will be the only way to tie them together.Good luck.

      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, "Kathie G"
      <kathiejg7@y...> wrote:
      > I am trying to find my 3x great grandfather's parents. Can anyone
      tell how to go about doing this? Here is the info that I do have:
      > 3x Great Grandfather name: Levi Shaffer. Born Jan. 1, 1820.
      Most probably in Pennsylvania - but I do not know for sure. Died
      Sept. 21, 1896.
      > That's all I have to go on. I do have his wife's info and his
      children's info, but I am unsure how to go back and find his
      parents. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
      > Thanks!
      > Kathie G
      > Kathiejg7@y...
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