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Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Re: South Africa Genealogy

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  • Lindy Kershaw
    ... Thanks Sandy, I will give it a go:-) Lindy
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 10 8:59 AM
      >Hi Lindy,
      >Rootsweb is also a good place for searching. When you pull up the
      >site, it gives two search engines. Make sure you use the rootsweb
      >search engine. It also gives you the option of searching by surname
      >and keyword.
      >It also has a link to Cyndi's List there. As well as a page full of
      >other usefull links.
      >But I don't believe that anyone can beat Cyndi's List for the amount
      >of usefull links.
      >I have been able to find others researching some of my family lines
      >thru this site.

      Thanks Sandy,

      I will give it a go:-)

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