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Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Genealogy

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  • Dianne
    Sharon, What I am finding is that the best time saver as well as hope for accuracy is to start with your youngest and work backward in time on the pedigree
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      What I am finding is that the best time saver as well as hope for accuracy is to start with your youngest and work backward in time on the pedigree chart (the one that starts with, say, yourself and allows for your: mother and father, their mother and father and include dates and places of birth, include siblings, everyone because I have found in searching you cut alot of unnecessary wasted time by "wondering" if the person you found is the one you are looking for and knowing dates and siblings/aunts/uncles and as much of their history as possible "greatly narrows it down" then do as the others here have said and that is to DOCUMENT your sources for future generations to know the information is accurate. Personally i am also hoping to be able to cite such papers as birth and death certificates where applicable.

      Hope this helps,

      whom finally got my email working again

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      I just joined this group a few days ago. I have never done any genealogy, but my church requies it to be done, and I have to start doing it now. Any suggestions on how to start would be appreciated.


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    • drmnc@earthlink.net
      Mine came from Indiana and Minn. ... lines in Georgia. ... http://thirdpartyoffers.juno.com/TGL2141/fc/BLSrjpTIk3kR87pYtxKBdtPJJ0HlHfez
      Message 33 of 33 , Apr 20, 2009
        Mine came from Indiana and Minn.

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        > Just wanted to know where you Thompsons are from? My inlaws have Thompson
        lines in Georgia.
        > Ann
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