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Re: [Genealogy Research Club] genealogy research

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  • Dianne
    You re sure right about amazing what info is out there IF YOU CAN FIND IT . Thanks to all who sent info. I will spend the next week i m sure searching all
    Message 1 of 10 , Jul 11, 2004
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      You're sure right about "amazing what info is out there IF YOU CAN FIND IT".

      Thanks to all who sent info. I will spend the next week i'm sure searching all sites. I did find most of my email.......microsoft glitch my tech supt tells me.

      I hope I didn't miss any info from you all. I lost about 30 emails.


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      From: sue baker
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      Sent: Saturday, July 10, 2004 8:46 PM
      Subject: Re: [Genealogy Research Club] genealogy research

      Hi Tina,

      I was looking at the replys from people for this
      group.Thank you for the information that you gave to
      Dianne. I am sure it will be of help to me in my
      Sue Baker
      --- Tina Paxton <Frecs@...> wrote:
      > Hi Dianne,
      > I'm very familiar with the brickwall! I've gotten
      > more than one headache
      > running headlong into them.
      > There are sources of free genealogy research
      > online...and there are people
      > who have memberships to those pay-sites that will do
      > look ups for you.
      > Maybe not as easy as doing the lookups yourself, but
      > if you are like me and
      > unable to afford to pay, it's sure nice to have
      > folks willing to help.
      > www.census-online.com will give you access to all
      > the census' that have been
      > uploaded to the web for free access. Again, these
      > are thanks to the labors
      > of other genealogists who have transcribed census'
      > and then made them
      > available for free for us. Not as complete as the
      > files at ancestry.com but
      > much cheaper. I look here before asking someone to
      > do a lookup for me.
      > Ruth mentioned the www.familysearch.com site. I've
      > not gotten much from it
      > but others find allot. It is certainly worth the
      > time to look.
      > www.glorecords.blm.gov is the site for the Bureau of
      > Land Management. You
      > can look up orginal land grants/patents for a number
      > of states. And, you
      > can get a copy of the grant/patent -- many are
      > viewable/downloadable from
      > the site. Even better, though, is what this
      > government agency did for me.
      > I discovered that the ancestor that I was looking
      > for for 10 years had a
      > homestead in the Dakotas. By getting his complete
      > file, I also received his
      > naturalization papers. It was a goldmine for me.
      > www.usgenweb.com is great. I use their national
      > archives search and have
      > found some wonderful stuff there. All for free
      > because of the generous work
      > of other genealogists. I believe they are now
      > linked with another free
      > genealogy site: www.rootsweb.com. rootsweb.com is
      > where you will find
      > message boards -- including one for "lookups". Post
      > what you are needing to
      > find, and someone will look for you on those pay
      > sites.
      > Oh, over at rootsweb is a a search engine called
      > "worldconnect". Very
      > helpful. I like to enter the place names minus
      > names so that it will pull
      > up all the people who are in the database who was in
      > the area at the time
      > I'm interested in. Amazing what you can find this
      > way -- families that
      > moved together, etc.
      > www.cyndislist.com is a place to find tons of links
      > to websites for whatever
      > it is you need -- and many you didn't realize you
      > needed until you see them
      > there.
      > Learning how to "google" can also help. Case in
      > point: recently I learned
      > that an great-great-aunt had gone to teach in the
      > Philippines. The how and
      > why I hadn't a clue. So, I went to yahoo and put in
      > "1901 Philippines
      > American teachers" and came up with a website:
      > www.thomasite100.org.
      > There, I learned about this group of American
      > teachers that went to the
      > Philippines. That website has photos of the ships
      > log, including the
      > passenger list. I found my aunt on that list, plus
      > the college she had
      > attend, the year she graduated, the degree she
      > earned, and (from another
      > part of the log) that she was a "get involved" kind
      > of lady. It's amazing
      > what is available online if only one can find it.
      > Hope that helps,
      > Tina
      > researching: Paxton, Ent, Brown, Week, Ryal, Moore

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