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Personal Home Page with Family Tree Maker

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  • lenny.edith@verizon.net
    After much experimentation, I finally got my home page from Family Tree Maker working, more or less, but not according to Holy or Genealogy.com s
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2003
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      After much experimentation, I finally got my home page from Family Tree
      Maker working, more or less, but not according to Holy or Genealogy.com's
      instructions. When I followed the rules I wound up with a home page with
      an incomplete list of individuals, misspelled surnames, and many omissions
      from the trees. That was after uploading the allowed 5 large trees. Only
      the last one appeared on the list of "Interne trees" on the site. I don't
      know if I was doing something wrong, or if there is a bug in the program.
      Maybe it will work better when I get Version 11 of FTM.

      To get it working, I created an "all-in-one" rather then "descendant"
      tree for one of my oldest ancestors. I then went to "view", "publishing
      center" in Family Tree Maker" to upload it, and then "view my home
      page". On the home page I clicked on the name of this "all-in-one" tree
      but only got an abbreviated tree with from 1 to 4 individuals on it. I
      found that by highlighting one individual and then pressing "f" on my
      keyboard a list of individuals appeared..

      This list was correct but there was no search window above it. However I
      could scroll through it to select individuals. Clicking on them at random
      brought up partial trees. Clicking one of the oldest, brought up a
      complete descendant tree for that person with birth and death dates, if
      known, for deceased ancestors. I could also get additional information by
      highlighting a box and pressing the "d" key

      One time , when I was trying to view my home page, it invited me to
      download and install some kind of Java thingee. It took over 5 min, but I
      did so. When it invited me to do it again I Alt-ctrl-deleted and ended the
      task" to get out of it, and was able to go to my home page again and get
      trees by the above method.

      On the home page there is an option to make a mailing list and use it to
      invite people to go to my home page. I sent it to about 15 relatives and
      2 genealogy forums and anxiously await their reactions. I included myself
      on the list as a check. I also sent it to help@....

      I just received a report from a relative to whom I sent the address. He
      clicked on the one item listed under "interne trees" and got a blank screen
      with some kind of logo in the middle and the message "click here" after
      installing plug in. But there was no pointer hand to click on anything,
      and no "plug-in" to install..

      Anybody have any ideas about what is happening and what I can do about
      it? The ads keep saying how easy it is to make a tree and upload
      it. True, making trees with FTM is easy. But uploading a home page and
      getting it to work is something else.

      I would appreciate some of you trying it and see if it works or, if not,
      what is the problem?

      My URL
      is: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/h/a/r/Leonard-D-Harris-NY/


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