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  • Cynthia C Badger
    i would be very intterested to hear if you get any responses. i have several judges and lawyers in my tree. Forrest G. Plumstead wrote:OK
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 17, 2003
      i would be very intterested to hear if you get any responses. i have several judges and lawyers in my tree.

      "Forrest G. Plumstead" <fplum@...> wrote:OK here's one for you lawyers out there. My g-grandfather was reported
      to have been disbarred because of his fierce temper. I do know that when
      he died there was not very many tears shed for him, by his family.
      Here's what information I have:

      His father John W Hobson was born in Salem Co. Ohio and moved to
      Blackhawk Co. Iowa. I do not have a place of birth for the man in
      question. I do have him listed in an 1880 Census as Linnaeus HOBSON
      although his first name is spelled several different ways. I guess he
      didn't care what you called him as long as you didn't call him Late For
      Lunch :-). The census is for Blackhawk Co., he is 21 and listed as a
      teacher (probably working his way though Law School. I have a Civil War
      relative related to his family that did the same thing after the war.
      Worked for the railroad while going through law school until an accident
      took his arm. He went on to be District Attorney and Justice of the
      Peace.) I have no information about his bar or where he was when he was
      disbarred. I do know that he was in Denver Colorado in 1899 because that
      was were and when my grandmother was born.

      Can anybody in the legal field tell me how to locate his records. Where
      records kept back then. If they exist can I get copies. I'm at a real
      loss on this one but I'm very curious because this man was just not very
      well liked.

      Thank you in advance for any thing you can help with.

      ><>Forrest Plumstead<>< San Antonio, TX, USA
      Family Web Page http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~fplum/
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