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Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Need help! Re posting Tips

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  • Forrest G. Plumstead
    I am reposing my tips from earlier I will soon be publishing these on my website. Here are some good free or nearly free sites that I use all the time.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2003
      I am reposing my tips from earlier I will soon be publishing these on my

      Here are some good free or nearly free sites that I use all the time.

      www.rootsweb.com Roots web
      www.familysearch.org Latter Day Saints Genealogy site.
      www.gencircles.com GEDCOM sharing site.
      www.mytrees.com Subscription site but there are ways you can work for
      research time without cash.
      http://www.worldgenweb.org/ From here you can find the internet address
      of any county that participates in the GenWeb project.
      www.ancestry.com Yes this is a subscription service but if you use their
      search engine it will let you look at a GEDCOM sharing database and the
      Social Security Death index (USA) for free. They also offer a free
      family tree software which I have used for over a year now without

      This should help you get started. Now a couple of words of caution:

      GEDCOMS are ** always ** considered **secondary sources**. This means
      that the possibility for error is quite high. Use the information in
      these as starting points for further research until you find ** primary
      sources **. Primary sources are things like Census, Birth Certificates,
      Marriage Licences and Marriage certificates, Death certificates,
      Christening or Baptismal certificates or records. Maybe obits and maybe
      cemetery marker. While all these have a much higher rate of being more
      accurate then secondary, don't even consider them as "Sealed in cement.".
      Mistakes can still occur and sometimes the people who filed out the
      records had wrong information, no information, or out and out lied about
      information to cover up a scandal. (Say it isn't so!) If while you are
      going through GEDCOMS you find things that are incorrect about your
      family in somebody else's GEDCOM please let them know, but do so gently.
      The fastest way to get ignored by someone who has posted his/her GEDCOM
      is to send a letter similar to this one:My great great grandaunt Sue Mae
      was never married! How dare you put something on the internet about my
      family without first checking the resources? The reason the info was
      incorrect was because like me the person who had the wrong information
      keeps an expanded family tree. When he finds a GEDCOM which contains a
      family member he downloads the full GEDCOM and merges it with his own and
      edits out the duplicates. The GEDCOM can grow to 35,000 to 50,000+
      individuals. Would you like to verify all that data? So just let them
      know great great grandaunt Sue Mae is in my family and was never married.

      Sign up for e-mail Lists, you can find them surnames, or for locations.
      **Very important** After signing up like you did for this list, take a
      few days and read the messages that they send. It will not take long to
      get a feel for the List's social norms. You will find that some are very
      helpful people. You will find some, who love to torture newbes to the
      list. You will find out what the list as a whole will tolerate and will
      not tolerate. Then carefully post a hello message like the one you
      posted to this list. Be aware however that there are some lists out
      there that are just plain old clicks which do not tolerate new members,
      un subscribe from them quickly, or you will lose sight of you genealogy
      goals and just get into one flaming match after another. Lists are a
      fantastic tool. Through lists I have located immediate ancestors and
      even living relatives that I did not know about.
      If you don't have research sources to be able to help others since the
      group has helped you. Perhaps there are other talents and resources that
      you do have that you can offer help. For example quite often I see
      something like Non-Gen need computer help. Now I'm pretty handy with
      a computer so I try to help out with these types of messages.
      Hope some of this helps, and above all have fun!

      Click on this link www.ancestry.com on the index page(first page) there
      is a section labeled Build a Family Tree. Click on the link labeled FREE
      Genealogy Software . Download run setup and that's all there is to it.
      If you have questions about the program don't hesitate to send them to
      me. I don't know all the answers, but I've been using the program for
      over a year, I know my way around.

      Here's things that will help a researcher know he has the right person.
      Date of Birth
      Place of Birth
      Date of Death
      Place of Death
      Funeral date and Cemetery of Interment
      Spouse (Maiden Name)
      Wedding date
      Place of Wedding
      Spouse's Date and Place of Birth
      Spouse's Date and Place of Death
      Spouse's Funeral date and Cemetery of Interment
      Names of children
      Data like above
      Name of Father
      Data like above
      Maiden Name of Mother
      Data like above
      The more of this information you can provide the easier it will be to
      find them and insure that the person you are researching are the right
      ones. When listing places if you know it the Name of County is crucial
      because all census are done by county. Speaking of Census here are a few
      sources for **Free Census ** if you find this helpful please sign up to
      be a volunteer transcriber. The more people transcribing the faster we
      will have all of the US Census available free and not have to pay


      US GenWeb had a census project in which volunteers (Like myself)
      transcribe census images into text files which are posted on the web for
      free viewing. This project is **far** from complete, but it's worth a
      look. Keep coming back to it because it is updated every week. The
      national project manager was the only one preparing the files for
      uploading and she had some family emergencies last year and a back log
      got created. Now there are other people assisting her and the backlog is
      starting to get cleared up. One other link:


      This is also part of the US GenWeb project and is where volunteers look
      to see what counties are available for transcription. If you choose a
      state and a year (census are taken in the US every 10 years in the year
      ending with a 0, Canada and UK is every 10 years ending in 1) it will
      show you a chart of counties. Look in the "links" column. Some of the
      companies which sell census CDs donate low resolution images of census.
      If there are some for the county and year that you are looking for there
      will be a link in that column. These images can be downloaded to your
      hard drive by right clicking on the link and clicking on "Save Picture
      As..." in the pop-up menu.

      ><>Forrest Plumstead<>< San Antonio, TX, USA
      Researching PLUMSTEAD,

      On Sat, 12 Apr 2003 00:44:32 -0000 "gfallo1954" <gfallo1954@...>
      I'm new to this and was wondering if there are any sites or ways to find
      out about your genealogy. Most of the sites are not free. Are
      there any good free ones? Any help would be appreciated.

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