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Re: I am new Surname @HARGEY@

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  • jimhargey
    I will give that a go thanks Ginny
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 12, 2002
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      I will give that a go thanks Ginny

      --- In genealogyresearchclub@y..., v plumley <gindre43920@y...> wrote:
      > Hello, nader31176,
      > The way I started was to gather all my facts that I
      > knew for sure, then Post questions to surname and
      > state and county sites at www.genealogy.com and
      > www.ancestry.com. The more info you give the better
      > chance you have for a correct family memember to be
      > found. You can also look at www.familysearch.com (LDS
      > site) or www.gencircles.com I also have joined all the
      > surnames and location groups for yahoo that I could.
      > Other Good places to look for info are Libraries,
      > schools, funeral homes and cemeteries to name a few
      > not so thought of places.
      > You'd be surprised how many folks are willing to help
      > you if they can.
      > Since your new....
      > ***Just a thought...get 3-ring binders and notebook
      > paper, and file your notes as you go, by say, Location
      > or surname....I have as the web-site says....Piles O'
      > Notes syndrome, I save everything, one every different
      > size and color scrape piece of paper!! I now have to
      > search though piles of sorted, but a mess of notes
      > that if I took on Notebook paper and dated and
      > documented......I could go right to it and quote what
      > when and where I found it or from whom.
      > DOCUMENT!! everyone will tell you to Document
      > everything as to where you found it, so if you share
      > your info and someone asks where you found it, you can
      > look as see right away, when I started, I was sure I
      > could never help folks like the people I was reading
      > about on-line....Ha! I'm no expert, but I try. to help
      > others if I can.
      > Hope this helps some and have funny with it! You will
      > find some family memembers want you to leave the dead
      > alone, others will be happy to see what you find out.
      > Just remember Genealogy IS ADDICTIVE!
      > You know your ADDICTED when... you can rattle off the
      > first 4 generations back from you complete with spouse
      > and dates correct, with out looking!
      > OH my....I can do that...I'M ADDICTED!!
      > =====
      > May God Bless you and Keep you Safe
      > yours truly
      > Ginny
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    • Stephanie
      I am new to this group, and i hope someone may be able to help. I have been looking for my husband s father for two years with only dead ends. His name is
      Message 2 of 4 , Jan 27, 2005
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        I am new to this group, and i hope someone may be able to help. I
        have been looking for my husband's father for two years with only
        dead ends. His name is Gerardo Blanco and he is of cuban origin. In
        1979 he was a resident of Miami Florida and his father and brother
        still reside there. We are having a baby in August and would like
        some information on his side of the family as all we know about him
        is his name. I appreciate any help you can give to me at this point.

        Thank you

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