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Hays, Crail, Jolliff, Newman, Dwyer, Warren

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  • butchreynolds
    Hello, I m searching for my Cherokee ancestor. I m sure it s thru my grandmother Lennie Belle Newman and most likely thru her mother s side of the family, but
    Message 1 of 1 , May 16, 2002
      Hello, I'm searching for my Cherokee ancestor. I'm sure it's thru my
      grandmother Lennie Belle Newman and most likely thru her mother's
      side of the family, but I'll list her father's side at the end of
      this, just in case. Hope that one or more members here might have an
      idea about any of this.

      Lennie Belle Newman; b. 22 Sep 1892 Muhlenberg Co., Ky d. 14 Aug 1989
      St. Joseph, Mi. Her mother Isabelle Hays; b. 28 Sep 1869 Green Co.,
      Ky d. 28 Jun 1910 Muhlenberg Co., Ky. Isabelle's father Joseph Henry
      Hays; b. 25 Jul 1846 Smith Co., Tn d. 13 May 1914 Greenville, Ky.
      J.H. Hays' father Joseph W. Hays; b. 1818 Tn married 1835 Smith Co.,
      Tn d. 1859 Muhlenberg Co., Ky. J.W. was married to Lucinda b. 1816
      Tn. No surname listed for Lucinda, could she be Cherokee?

      Isabelle Hays' mother Francis Catherine(Fannie)Crail;b. 27 Jun 1849
      Muhlenberg Co., Ky d. 1 Aug 1883 Muhlenberg Co., Ky. Fannie's father
      Henry Crail; b. 1818 Nc married abt. 1835 to Lucinda Jolliff; b. 1818
      Ky d. 1892 Ky. I've read in different places where L. Jolliff might
      be Cherokee, but I've found no proof. Henry Crail's father James
      Crail; b. 1787 Md d. 1873 Green Co., Ky was married to Ann; b. 1791
      Nc d. Green Co., Ky. No surname listed for Ann, could she be Cherokee?

      My grandmother's father Claudius Grant Newman; b. 4 Dec 1862
      Muhlenberg Co., Ky d. 30 Dec 1930 Hawarden, Ia : husband of Isabelle
      Hays. C.G. Newman's father James Eugene Newman; b. 7 Dec 1827
      Muhlenberg Co., Ky d. 21 May 1867 Muhlenberg Co., Ky was married to
      Marina Jane Dwyer. Her parents were Lewis Dwyer and Elizabeth Warren.
      The Newman family has been traced back to Peter Newman of England in
      the 1600's.
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