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Anyone heard of the last name Nault

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  • alady_for_all_seasons
    Hubby grandpa changed it to neal after her came from french canadian background....<br><br>Also want to share my new website with you
    Message 1 of 5548 , Nov 5, 2000
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      Hubby grandpa changed it to neal after her
      came<br>from french canadian
      background....<br><br>Also want<br>to share my new website with you
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    • Robert
      Hi Have you any info on Christophers family ,Brothers ,Sisters ,Parents Etc. I have only just found you email, My Son has done a lot of research and has found
      Message 5548 of 5548 , Sep 13, 2011
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        Have you any info on Christophers family ,Brothers ,Sisters ,Parents Etc.

        I have only just found you email, My Son has done a lot of research and has found out our Reynolds came from Kent


        Robert REynolds

        --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, jadorah wrote:
        > CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS (1) the first known of the
        > family was born cira 1530 in<br> county kent,england. He
        > m.-and settled in london where he and his sons engaged
        > in trade<br> and commerce. A study of early english
        > records indicate that he had a<br> brother-NATHANIEL
        > REYNOLDS- also engaged with his company.A sister<br>
        > DOROTHY,who d.21 nov.1572,m.11 aug.1567 to WILLIAM
        > county kent. The names of the<br> childern of
        > CHRISTOPHER and of his wife are not known completely. His
        > known issue<br> are not in order of
        > birth.GEORGE,CHRISTOPHER,MARY who d.y.:<br>
        > JOHN,THOMAS,CORNELIUS,RICHARD,b.circa 1575,ROBERT,WILLIAM,and<br> several daughters.
        > (2) RICHARD REYNOLDS,of (1),b.circa 1575 county<br>
        > kent,england,m.circa 1605 ANN HARRISON and settled Sussex
        > county,england,where<br> he became head of a vast shipping and commerce
        > business.This business had branches in<br> Virginia,what is now
        > the new england states,and bermuda. It is legend with
        > this branch<br> that RICHARD REYNOLDS d.in York
        > County.But as to whether tork county,virginia,or<br> york
        > county, england we do not know:his issues are:
        > WILLIAM,b.1606,ROBERT b.1606<br> (twins),EDWARD,NICHOLAS,JOHN
        > b.1612,JAMES,GILBERT,<br> CHRISTOPHRE,and several daughters. (3) WILLIAM
        > REYNOLDS of (2),b. circa 1606<br> in co. kent eng.,m.
        > MARGARET EXTON and settled in Chester co.,penn.He engaged
        > in<br> commerce and trade and made trips to england, and
        > died in england while on one such<br> trip.
        > b.1 may 1655, and THOMAS. (4) HENERY<br> REYNOLDS,of
        > (3),b.1 may 1635, in Chichester,Sussex co. eng.,and d. 7
        > aug.1724. He<br> landed 1661 or 1671 or 1676 in
        > Burlington,N.J There is a carving in possession of<br>
        > decendents,which would have made HENERY either 6 or 16 when he
        > arrived in this<br> country. He married 10 nov.1678 to
        > PRUDENSE CLAYTON,who d.4 feb.1728,and<br> settled Chester
        > co. penna. Issue:MARGARET,b.25 may 1680 who m.MAULDER
        > or<br> MOULDER:mary,B.13 SEPT.1682 who m. 1713 to
        > aug.1684,PRUDENCE,b.20 march 1687,DEBORAH,b.16<br> april
        > 1689,WILLIAM,b.30 may 1691, HENERY b. 16 aug.1693,JOHN b.21<br>
        > dec.1695,HANNAH b.11 nov.1697 and d. 13 march 1726,m. 30 aug.
        > 1717 to<br> RICHARD BROWN:And a second son,WILLIAM,b.5
        > july,1701. (5) WILLIAM<br> REYNOLDS,OF (4)b.5 july 1701 and
        > d. oct.1772, m.1723 to MARY BROWN, who d.1<br> july
        > 1738.
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