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  • roots_finder
    Hi Skip, Let s see if I can take a shot at this. First, in Family Tree Maker, you can denote the foster child as such under lineage and use this in your
    Message 1 of 5548 , Jul 5 6:56 AM
      Hi Skip,<br>Let's see if I can take a shot at
      this.<br>First, in Family Tree Maker, you can denote the foster
      child as such under lineage and use this in your
      reports to distinquish this fact. Simply state that the
      child is/was a "foster" child.<br>Second, if one parent
      does NOT adopt the children of a previous marriage,
      then it is my belief that they are considered the
      "step" parent to the children. If they DO adopt the
      children, then they are considered the "adopted" parent.
      This also can be denoted in Family Tree Maker under
      lineage. When you adopt someone, you take them as your own
      and it should be considered as such.<br>Third, I
      would believe that you would want to list all
      marriages. Maybe I am not clear as to how you are reporting
      this. If you are reporting a genealogy report, then you
      simply need to report the uncle as a son of his parents,
      report all his wifes and the children by each wife. All
      the other relationships will fall in
      place.<br>Finally, in some families, the actual "legal" relationship
      between someone has no bearing on how the person/persons
      are treated within the family. Someone who lived with
      the family for years but has no "legal" relationship
      was sometimes considered by everyone as a "cousin"
      because they have been around for such a long time and
      loved by (most) everyone. Also, half-siblings/parents
      and step-siblings/parents in some families (such as
      mine own) are considered just plain siblings/parents.
      Even though my father legally adopted my oldest
      brother and two oldest sisters, while they are
      technically my half-brother and half-sister, I and my other
      siblings consider them just brother and sister and they
      treat my dad as their own dad. I do denote the
      technically correct relationship, but they are my siblings in
      heart.<br>I do have problems reporting these on my reports
      when I have one child and a natural parent and a
      step-parent. My reports keep reporting the child twice, once
      for each parent. My GEDCOM files do the same.<br>Hope
      this helps some.<br>Roots
    • Robert
      Hi Have you any info on Christophers family ,Brothers ,Sisters ,Parents Etc. I have only just found you email, My Son has done a lot of research and has found
      Message 5548 of 5548 , Sep 13, 2011
        Have you any info on Christophers family ,Brothers ,Sisters ,Parents Etc.

        I have only just found you email, My Son has done a lot of research and has found out our Reynolds came from Kent


        Robert REynolds

        --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, jadorah wrote:
        > CHRISTOPHER REYNOLDS (1) the first known of the
        > family was born cira 1530 in<br> county kent,england. He
        > m.-and settled in london where he and his sons engaged
        > in trade<br> and commerce. A study of early english
        > records indicate that he had a<br> brother-NATHANIEL
        > REYNOLDS- also engaged with his company.A sister<br>
        > DOROTHY,who d.21 nov.1572,m.11 aug.1567 to WILLIAM
        > county kent. The names of the<br> childern of
        > CHRISTOPHER and of his wife are not known completely. His
        > known issue<br> are not in order of
        > birth.GEORGE,CHRISTOPHER,MARY who d.y.:<br>
        > JOHN,THOMAS,CORNELIUS,RICHARD,b.circa 1575,ROBERT,WILLIAM,and<br> several daughters.
        > (2) RICHARD REYNOLDS,of (1),b.circa 1575 county<br>
        > kent,england,m.circa 1605 ANN HARRISON and settled Sussex
        > county,england,where<br> he became head of a vast shipping and commerce
        > business.This business had branches in<br> Virginia,what is now
        > the new england states,and bermuda. It is legend with
        > this branch<br> that RICHARD REYNOLDS d.in York
        > County.But as to whether tork county,virginia,or<br> york
        > county, england we do not know:his issues are:
        > WILLIAM,b.1606,ROBERT b.1606<br> (twins),EDWARD,NICHOLAS,JOHN
        > b.1612,JAMES,GILBERT,<br> CHRISTOPHRE,and several daughters. (3) WILLIAM
        > REYNOLDS of (2),b. circa 1606<br> in co. kent eng.,m.
        > MARGARET EXTON and settled in Chester co.,penn.He engaged
        > in<br> commerce and trade and made trips to england, and
        > died in england while on one such<br> trip.
        > b.1 may 1655, and THOMAS. (4) HENERY<br> REYNOLDS,of
        > (3),b.1 may 1635, in Chichester,Sussex co. eng.,and d. 7
        > aug.1724. He<br> landed 1661 or 1671 or 1676 in
        > Burlington,N.J There is a carving in possession of<br>
        > decendents,which would have made HENERY either 6 or 16 when he
        > arrived in this<br> country. He married 10 nov.1678 to
        > PRUDENSE CLAYTON,who d.4 feb.1728,and<br> settled Chester
        > co. penna. Issue:MARGARET,b.25 may 1680 who m.MAULDER
        > or<br> MOULDER:mary,B.13 SEPT.1682 who m. 1713 to
        > aug.1684,PRUDENCE,b.20 march 1687,DEBORAH,b.16<br> april
        > 1689,WILLIAM,b.30 may 1691, HENERY b. 16 aug.1693,JOHN b.21<br>
        > dec.1695,HANNAH b.11 nov.1697 and d. 13 march 1726,m. 30 aug.
        > 1717 to<br> RICHARD BROWN:And a second son,WILLIAM,b.5
        > july,1701. (5) WILLIAM<br> REYNOLDS,OF (4)b.5 july 1701 and
        > d. oct.1772, m.1723 to MARY BROWN, who d.1<br> july
        > 1738.
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