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  • Shirley Patrick
    *Benjamin Franklin Ferguson, Sr. “Frank”* * **Family Lore** *says that my 2nd great grandfather served in the Civil War. He supposedly died at the Battle
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      *Benjamin Franklin Ferguson, Sr. �Frank�*

      * **Family Lore** *says that my 2nd great grandfather served in the Civil
      War. He supposedly died at the Battle of Marks Mill in Cleveland Co.

      Benjamin Franklin "Frank" Ferguson b. 1824 TN (SC?) m 6 Nov 1848 (? 6 Dec
      1848) in Fayette, TN [Son�s head stone is Franklin B. Ferguson Jr.]

      Elizabeth "Betty" Lousia Daniel b. 1820, 1830-1831 NC or TN

      d. sept 1871 Drew Co. Arkansas. later married Phillip Samuel Wolfe (1864
      Drew Co. Arkansas)

      Frank Died on 25 April 1964

      �Theodocia b. 1960 took sick and died. Frank was able to come home for the
      funeral. Time came for him to return to his duties in the Militia.
      Elizabeth had packed his bag and Frank taking her in his arms and telling
      her he loved her, and said good-bye to the family. She would never see her
      husband again. "it was not until about 1872 that Elizabeth found out how he
      had died. A man was traveling through and stopped at their house for some
      food. He told them that he had been in the same unit with Frank Ferguson
      and had been present at the Battle of mark's Mill where Frank had been
      killed." From Pharaba: A History of the James Samuel Teer Family by Robert
      Henry Teer, Jr. Henry�s Source was *James Coleman Cook*, Pharaba�s grandson
      who lived in the house with his Grandmother, 2 Old maid Aunts and his
      Mother. [tombstone shows Throdocia died in 1869]

      I am quoting James in his 80�s. �Pharaba was sitting on the steps and
      watched her father walk down the road for the last time.�

      *The next facts came from Wikipedia. ***

      The Confederate troops were part of the Camden Expedition lead by Maj Gen
      James F*. Fagan*. They overwhelmed a small Union detachment commanded by
      Lt. Col. Frances M. Drake (ordered by Maj Gen Frederick Steele)

      The following are mentioned in the conjunction with the Battle

      Brig Gen *Jo Shelby *

      Lt. Gen Edmund Kirby *Smith *

      Maj Gen Sterling *Price *

      It may have been hard to identify the dead as one other wounded said the
      Confederates picked the bodies of both sides.

      Confederates estimate 41 killed 108 wounded and *144 Missing *

      The entire Union column estimated at 1133 to 1600 were captured also 150
      African Americans and killed at least 100 others.

      On a private website about Marks� Mill Battle it listed the Dead Frank was
      not on there.

      I have located the dead and Wounded list of *Gordon*�s Regiment. He is not
      listed here or on the following list. (Fold3)

      And *Shelby*�s Brigade report (Fold3)

      *Shanks*� Regiment: Companies A, B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K,

      *Gordon*�s Regiment: Co. E, G, H

      *Hunter*�s Regiment: Co. D

      *Collins *Battery

      Locate on Ancestry 3 different entries. In Fold 3 I found three B Frgusons,
      but 1 died different time and place, 1 captured, and 3rd attended roll call
      after Apr 25, 1864

      B. Ferguson Sgt. Company L 1st Cavalry Regiment Arkansas

      B. Ferguson Pvt. Company L 1st Cavalry Regiment Arkansas

      B. F. Ferguson Pvt. 1 (Monroe�s) Arkansas Cavalry, 1st Regiment Arkansas,
      Pvt. Company L.

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