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Re: What is your brick wall? Owen A Williams b.1885 CO

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  • Me
    whoa, thank you. Blanks have been filled, thanks again Steve
    Message 1 of 32 , Jun 28, 2012
      whoa, thank you. Blanks have been filled, thanks again

      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, "Bloodhound; Kermit" <tomknox2001@...> wrote:
      > From Ancestry.com, one of the "usual websites" -
      > 1910 Lakewood, Jefferson, Colorado
      > Williams, Owen A/25:CO:Eng:Eng, Olice O/25:VA:VA:VA, Harold E/2,
      > - married.1 3 years, 1 children 1 living
      > (), Winnie G/24/sis-in-law, Arthur M/3, Ivey G/1+7m, Ellen M/5m
      > World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
      > Owen Albert Williams 20 May 1884 Jefferson County, Colorado
      > 1900 Precinct 1, Clear Creek, Colorado
      > Williams, Thomas I, 56 married 29 yr born Oct 1843 Wales:Wales:Eng
      > (), Amelia, 45 married 29 yr born Nov 1854 Eng:Eng:Eng
      > - immigration 1865, 10 children 7 living
      > (), John T/23:CO, Thomas H/21, Owen A/16:CO:Wales:Eng/b:May1884,
      > (), Amelia M/13, Leppie Pearl/10, Robert G/8, Eva May/5
      > 1880 Brownville, Clear Creek, Colorado
      > Williams, Thomas/35:Wales:Wales:Eng/Miner,
      > (), Emelia/26:Eng:Eng:Eng, John T/4, Thomas/1
      > Six (6) Public Member Trees at Ancestry.com -
      > Owen Williams, 20 May 1884 - 29 nov 1948,
      > parents: Thomas Ivey Williams & Amelia Woodey/Woody/Woodie
      > http://search.ancestry.com/cgi-bin/sse.dll?rank=0&_8000C002=&_8000C003=&_80004002=owen&_80004003=williams&_80008002=&_80008003=&rg_81004010=1884&gsbco=1%2CAll+Countries&gsbpl=1%2C+&_82004012=&_82004013=&_82004014=&_82004015=&rg_81004030=1948&gsdco=1%2CAll+Countries&gsdpl=1%2C+&_82004032=&_82004033=&_82004034=&_82004035=&_80018002=&_80018003=&rg_81004020=&gsmco=1%2CAll+Countries&gsmpl=1%2C+&_82004022=&_82004023=&_82004024=&_82004025=&sbo=0&sbor=&prox=1&db=pubmembertrees&ti=0&ti.si=0&gl=&gss=rfs&gst=&so=3
      > - Tom Knox
      > --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, "Me" <texasmjornir2003@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Howdy, just joined this group, and I have enough brick walls to build a nice house. Here's one I could use help on.
      > > My G-Grandparents on my father's side. G-Grandfather Owen A. Williams born 1885 in Colorado. G-Grandmother Ocie O. Williams, also born in 1885 in Virginia. The 1940 census shows them both alive and living in Jefferson Clolrado. They had at least two children, Ruth Williams, born 1912 and my Grandfather, Harold Earl Williams, born 1906. Harold was married to Elvira A. Williams, born 1906, another wall. I've looked at the usual websites, FamilySearch.com, Rootsweb, etc. with no luck. ANy info, clues hints, or at this point vague shrugs are welcome.
      > >
    • mg
       They are buried in St. Peter s in Clermont...not sure when they arrived but they are in several censuses.  He apparnetly dug graves from time to time but
      Message 32 of 32 , Jul 4, 2012
         They are buried in St. Peter's in Clermont...not sure when they arrived but they are in several censuses.  He apparnetly dug graves from time to time but was probably also a farm laborer. She is definitely from County Kerry..I think it is likely that he was too.  I never saw any children listed.  I don't have my records with me as they are on my broken computer...I believe he was born around 1830.
        His name was spelled different ways..Bart, Batt, Crean, Crehan Creehan.
        It is possible he might be related to my ggm Eliza Crehan, who came somehow to US as an orphan..we heard by herself and she never heard from family again, but a little death story about her says she was from County Kerry and came with relatives.  I suspect that she is related to Batt and they reunited in the 1870s or so...
        From looking at County Kerry records, a large number of Creans seemed to come from Annascoul..the famous explorer Tom Crean did.
        Any help would be appreciated.  mg

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