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Re: Brick Wall! Harvey Lee Harris Sr and Jr

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  • Bloodhound; Kermit
    1) You didn t specify where these children (Harvey Lee Jr & the 2 daughters) were located when Harvey Lee Sr died in 1969 -- Boston, Richmond, elsewhere?
    Message 1 of 4 , Mar 8, 2012
      1) You didn't specify where these children (Harvey Lee Jr & the 2 daughters) were located when Harvey Lee Sr died in 1969 -- Boston, Richmond, elsewhere? (Obits often give locations.)

      2) You didn't give enough information on Harvey Lee Harris Sr -
      the Social Security Death Index lists several HARVEY HARRIS that died
      in 1969 in Virginia - so, which one is your "Senior"?
      (In other words - when was he born? Month and year is sufficient;
      year-only might be sufficient.)

      3) If you know the above information, then Harvey Lee Harris (Senior) could (probably) be located in several databases at Ancestry.com - censuses could determine wife/wives, show relationship to children and possible other relatives, military service, maybe find newspaper references.
      It would also help if you give some indication of race/color -
      I found the name "Harvey L Harris" multiple times,
      and knowing race/ethnicity would help in narrowing down the data.
      Example: 1930 Richmond, Richmond, Virginia
      - Harris, Harvey L/39, Maud/57, Charlotte/2

      4) "got home from the war" - excuse me: WHICH war?
      Each generation has had a war that they refer to as "the war".
      Would you care to please specify what years and/or which war?

      5) Military records - "lost in a fire". Are you referring to a fire at the Harris residence, a county courthouse, or the National Personnel Records office (in St. Louis)? Also - certain military record information is available from master files and indexes without referring to the individual personnel records (like those lost in St. Louis). But again - we need some more-specific identifiers.

      6) Ancestry.com (and other sources) have U.S. Public Records Indexes and YellowPages - have you tried looking in any of them for a Harvey Lee Harris Jr? or those 2 daughters?
      With some legwork, you could check the phonebooks year-by-year for either of the primary locales (Boston, Richmond).

      7) Since you know he lived in Boston, do you know for what years?
      Have you checked the City Directories for Boston and/or Richmond?
      Ancestry.com has some directories, and as a PI you would have financial resources for access to directories that are not available online. Directories would establish year and address, and possibly list any spouse - e.g., could this be him?
      - Boston, Massachusetts 1961a > Page 1161, Image 1309
      - Harris Harvey r156 Lenox apt 9 (Rox)

      NOTE: in databases, he could be variously listed as HARVEY HARRIS, HARVEY L HARRIS, HARVEY LEE HARRIS, and even possibly as HARVEY HARRIS SR (with or without middle name). That's also assuming that the database indexing doesn't mess his name into something else.

      - Tom Knox

      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, "carrie_helen" <carrie_helen@...> wrote:
      > I have hit a serious brick wall. I am looking for a missing heir and need to locate a Harvey Lee Harris Jr. Harvey Lee Sr died in Richmond, VA in 1969. In his obit, it listed 3 children- Harvey Lee Jr and 2 daughters. I know that he lived in Boston after he got home from the war and moved back to Richmond to live with his sister shortly before his death in 1969. I need to locate Harvey Lee Jr and the 2 daughters but have hit a brick wall.
      > Military records were lost in a fire. The only "family stuff" I have access to are pages to a Bible from 1890. I have no mention of a wife and can't assume he married the mother of the 3 children, or even if there is 1 mother or 3 mothers. I have checked obits in Boston 30+/- days around his death, thinking maybe they would have put it in the paper since he lived there before Richmond.
      > Any ideas for a direction I could take?
      > PS...I'm a private investigator who was hire by the probate attorney to find any missing heirs to the estate.
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