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Re: Wilhelm John GUILZON

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  • Bloodhound; Kermit
    Roberta - Is this him? 1900 Yorktown(Yonkers), Westchester, New York (in the household of August & Mary Kuhl) Guilzon, William, son-in-law 30 married 2 yrs
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 11, 2011
      Roberta -

      Is this him?

      1900 Yorktown(Yonkers), Westchester, New York
      (in the household of August & Mary Kuhl)
      Guilzon, William, son-in-law 30 married 2 yrs born Jul 1869 Germany
      - immigration 1890
      Emma, daughter 19 married 2 yrs born Jun 1880 New York
      Edward, son 2m born Mar 1900 New York

      1920 Athens, Greene, New York
      Guilzon, William, head 49 married, born Germany
      - immigration 1892, naturalized 1918
      (), Emma/39, Edward/20, Matilda/10,
      (), William/5, August/5, Emma/5, Lillian/4+3m
      (1930: same family, same locale: William J Guilzon)

      Have you tried Castle Garden (NY)? http://castlegarden.org/
      "... an extraordinary database of information on 11 million immigrants from 1820 through 1892, the year Ellis Island opened."

      Possible variants: GULTZOW/GULZOW (with or without umlaut-U);

      - Tom Knox

      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, Mark F Rabideau <genealogy@...> wrote:
      > Hi Roberta
      > I guess I would start by verifying the the spelling of the name is
      > correct and it's not Anglicized. Wilhelm John Guilzon is not a very
      > German looking name. Only the Wilhelm looks German. I am almost
      > certain that the surname has been altered from the original. I have
      > never seen Guilzon as a German family name. If I knew how the surname
      > was supposed to be pronounced I could take a stab at getting it into a
      > more German form. Also the middle name John is also not in its
      > 'original' German form- Johann. I certainly am happy to believe that
      > any German documents are extremely difficult to ferret out for a person
      > with this name spelling.
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      > From: Roberta Baum <toutietree@...>
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      > Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2011 11:55:04 -0400
      > Hello, Mark Rabideau: I enjoy your posts, also. I'm going to cut to the
      > chase: I have a friend whose grandfather came here from Germany in 1897,
      > or thereabouts and applied for naturalization in 1918. She has tried
      > everything including NARA, been to NY, wrote letters to the church
      > (Lutheran) he attended in Westchester Co. Everything. His name is
      > Wilhelm John Guilzon but she doesn't know where he was born. She can
      > find no trace of him. She feels that because of the upheaval in Germany
      > after both world wars, that his place of birth may have landed in
      > another country like Poland or France or Russia. What or how would you
      > recommend proceeding to find any information on him? I have "Address
      > Book for Germanic Genealogy" 6th edition by Ernest Thode, but I really
      > don't know where to start with it. Can you make any recommendations?
      > Thanks for anything you may wish to pass my way. Roberta Baum
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