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Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Carnival workers

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    I watched a show on TV not long ago abt towns like that in Fla. as to your last paragraph, yes, i did that periodically since 1997 and find no listings per
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 9, 2011
      I watched a show on TV not long ago abt towns like that in Fla.
      as to your last paragraph, yes, i did that periodically since 1997 and find no 'listings' per se1..
      That is my problem. circuses are a bit more organized from what i have found.
      I have written countless circus people and cant find any 'carnival' routes/etc.
      If anyone knows of any I'd be most appreciative.

      From: george burnash
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      I don't know if this will be much, if any, help, but Gibsonton, Florida
      and it's surrounding communities have been a winter home for carnivals,
      circuses, and the people who work and travel in them for many many
      years, dating back to near the turn of the century. There are also a
      multitude of different carnival companies, each scouting out their own
      "territory" to set up shop. Some would last many years, others would
      only be around for a couple before going out of business and their
      territory being taken over by another company. It's also not unusual for
      them to hire local workers on a temporary cash-under-the-table basis.
      It's very possible that your parents worked for a variety of different
      companies and as that "independent contractor" cash only status, so it
      may be difficult at best to figure out where when and who they worked for.

      You may have better luck looking for the listings of attractions and
      entertainment at the local county fairs during that time. It's possible
      they may turn up in advertisements for those as a way to help draw
      people in.


      On 4/6/2011 3:15 AM, Sunny wrote:
      > My parents were in Ohio, USA (mostly Canton, Starke County but possibly
      > other cities as well) in the 1940s and did some side show type work for
      > extra income. I can find lots of circus info sites but not much in
      > regards to carnival shows like knife thrower (mom on spinning wheel),
      > strong man, fighting/boxing/wrestling, etc.
      > I don't know of any other venues that would offer those things, if
      > anyone has suggestions I'd appreciate the info.
      > Circuses seem to have been a lot more organized in their history than
      > the carnys. There are no "employee records" to search.
      > My best advice thus far is from a circus site that mentioned searching
      > newspapaers of the circuses that played there and go from there.
      > I guess I can do that with carny's as well :-)
      > Feel free to email me if you wish, or post on the board here.
      > Thanks,
      > Sunny

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