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    I am a new member and am hoping this group will help me out with my genelogical research. I have been researching avidly since 2003 and have extended my family
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      I am a new member and am hoping this group will help me out with my
      genelogical research. I have been researching avidly since 2003 and have
      extended my family line quite a ways, but there a still a few lines that I
      have had trouble on. I will try to give you a quick run down of my family
      lines and what I know of them (off of the top my head as I do not have the
      information at hand at this moment).

      On my father's side I have surnames of Ragsdale, Atkins, Rebman, Sickling,
      Mizell, Caldwell, and others I cannot remember off the top of my head. The
      Ragsdales I have traced back to Godfrey Ragsdale who came to VA somewhere
      between 1620 and 1644 when the story is his whole family (except a baby boy)
      were killed in the indian attack of that year. The family went from VA, to
      NC (maybe), to TN/KY to IL.

      The Sicklings we have traced back to George Sickling and Katheryn Bernstein
      (sp?) Who came to the US in the 1850s from Germany, They ended up in
      Pulaski/Johnson/Union counties IL but I have not found where they came to
      the US for sure.

      The Mizells we have had a little bit of problems with. At one time we
      believed we had traced the family back to a Luke Mizell/Measle who came to
      VA in the 1600s as an indentured servant. Yet there seems to now be a
      possibility of another group of Mizells coming to NC about the same time
      Lukes family moved there, so we have not figured out for sure which line we
      are descended from. This family we have in VA/NC (depending on the line), to
      TN, KY, and then IL.

      The Caldwell family I have been unable to get past my gggggrandparents: John
      C and Martha (Pittman) Caldwell. They were married in Calloway County KY or
      Williamson County IL. They had atleast a son and daughter (maybe more but I
      can't remember for sure). Their daughter was California Monterey Caldwell
      and married John Mizell. Family stories has it that Callie was part Indian
      and that her mother (Martha) was wither half or fullblooded. We have been
      unable to find anything more about this.

      On my mother's side we have the surnames of Stubblefield, Johnson, Parker,
      Little, Copeland, Ewart, Astin, Hutton, Campbell, Bunker, Stump, and some
      others. This is the side that I have had many troubles with.

      The Stubblefields I only recently found a line back to England. The first
      Stubblefield came to Gloucester Co, Va, then they went to Rockingham Co Va,
      then to Calloway Co KY, and then my line moved to Massac Co, IL.

      The Copeland/Little/Parker family is all one line of my family. David
      Copeland and his son William and family came to VA from Ireland in the
      1700s. William and his family moved to TN where his daughter (Sara/Sally)
      married Robert Little (I know nothing bout him other than he was from NC and
      was a veteran). The family then moved to Johnson/Massac county IL before
      1818. Robert and Sara's daughter Jane married William Parker (who later
      married her sister Martha/Patsy). I know nothing about him other than family
      stories of him being a drunk and gambler that made frequent trips on his
      flatboat to New Orleans. On one of these trips he disappeared while his boat
      was being pulled by a barge.

      My ggrandfather Parker married a Sadie/Sally Ewart from New Jersey. This is
      on of the sad stories of my family. Sadie came to Massac County, IL to care
      for her ill aunt (Mrs Cigar Jones) in the 1890s. When her aunt died, Sadie
      returned to NJ. However Tom Parker followed her back there and the two were
      married in 1897 (I believe). The couple had a daughter Mary on December 26,
      1899, and Sadie died the following February from complications. Tom would
      later marry Josie Berlingame, but they said he never was happy again. He
      only married her to care for Mary.

      I have some information on the Ewarts but it only goes back a couple
      generations from Sadie.

      The Astin family I have drawn a blank on. My great grandfather was Roland
      Astin. His parents were William and Medora Smith (of whom I know nothing
      besides her parents were John O Smith and Rebecca Galman). Williams parents
      were George and Louisa (Johnson). I have been unable to find much about
      George. I know that he was in the Civil War and his name was spelled Austin
      instead of Astin. I have also seen it spelled Aston. I think his parents,
      may be Walter/walker and Rutha, but I am unsure.

      The Bunkers, Stumps, and Campbells I do not know much about. I only go back
      a couple generations on them. If you know anything about them I will be
      happy to give you the names that I do have.

      One of the biggest mysteries that I have had in my genealogical research
      comes from the Johnson family. Three branches of my mother's side comes from
      this family but I have been unable to find anything. Here is what I have:
      Thomas and Lavina Johnson are in Massac County IL in the 1850 census. They
      already have one daughter, and maybe a son. The daughter is Laura (who
      married Andrew B. Campbell. They are my 4th great grandparents.). She was
      actually a Cherokee Indian who came to IL with the Trail of Tears and was
      adopted by Thomas and Lavina. She was only five or six at the time. The son
      was George Johnson (who married Cordelia Manley whose daughter Lucy married
      Charlie Stubblefield my 2nd great grandparents). Thomas and Lavina Johnson
      has another daughter

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