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Re: A Stubborn Brickwall: Catherine REESE? (b.1845 PA)

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  • Bloodhound; Kermit
    Bob - Is Catherine REESE the name of the person you are looking for? Do you know if that was her birthname? Do you know if her name ever changed when she was
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      Bob -

      Is Catherine REESE the name of the person you are looking for?
      Do you know if that was her birthname?
      Do you know if her name ever changed when she was fostered?
      Do you know the name of her foster family?
      Or have the censuses of her foster family?

      > ... John ... Henry ... Emma ...

      These are all common names - don't pin too much on the possible reasons for naming of children 'in honor of relatives': that's only circumstantial evidence anyway.

      Also - in your 'possible' in 1860 Philadelphia (with father named John and younger brother named John) -
      the census shows this Catherine as age 13 born BADEN (that's GERMANY).
      I would rank this Catherine as an 'unlikely match'.

      Your 1850 Adams County 'possible' Catherine (age 8, father Henry, older brother John) has a problem - I thought you said that her Death Certificate lists her father's name as JOHN?

      > (1860 census) ... Might the age be a mistake?

      Yes, certainly, the age could be a mistake; but then again, so could the birthplaces, or the NAMES! I think you made a mistake of looking ONLY for the spelling REESE - keep in mind that, especially in the early censuses, the enumerators sometimes wrote down what they THOUGHT they heard (ending up with some rather creative spellings!) AND the transcribers sometimes came up with creative spellings when they were trying to READ the enumerators' handwriting! So - I am suggesting that you might not have found 'your' Catherine yet in 1850-1860.

      I have a counter suggestion - look at 1850 Union County (PA) -
      Snyder County was formed from part of Union County -

      Hmm - how about this one?

      1850 Perry, Union, Pennsylvania
      Gorden, John/18, Mary/41, Henry/16, Willis/12, Rewlen/11
      Reas, Catharine/6 (originally indexed as REUS)
      Rumfeld, Christianna/78, Christena/32
      NOTE: "REAS" is my transcription of the surname.

      Let's try to follow this family forward -

      1860 West Perry, Snyder, Pennsylvania
      Gordon, John/28, Susan/24, Alice/5, Francis/3,
      (), Mary/50, Willis/22, Reuben/20
      Susan Forrey/76, Jacob Hulsopple/60

      Darn! No 16-year-old Catherine!

      Let's step back and tack a look at one of those Michigan censuses -

      > 1880 Penn, Cass, Michigan
      > Flury, Jacob/48, Catherine/35, Phillip H/15, Mary J/10, John J/2
      > Reus, Jonathan/58/brother-in-law

      Well, well, well!!! How amusing!
      Jonathan's last name is transcribed as REUS!
      (see my 1850 transcript, above)

      > 1870 Penn, Cass, Michigan
      > Flury, Jacob/30, Catherine/25, Henry/5, Emma/3, Almeda/1
      > Reese, Jonathan/35

      - Tom Knox ("Bloodhound")

      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, r_c_boss <no_reply@...> wrote:
      > Trying to tis this great great grandmother down. What I have with documentation.
      > She was born in Pa in March 1845. This from several Census returns. From here death certificate and her Gravestone and Obituary her birthdate was listed as Maech 24, 1845. From her Obit, Death Certificate and Gravestone she was born in Snyder County Pa. There is no documented proof of this though. Also Snyder County did not exist prior to 1850, that part is no biggie though. I think it might have been that she came from what bacame Snyder County.
      > I have ever been able to ID her in any census for the Snyder County area. I have however found two 'possible' other matches. The most likely was in the 1850 census for Hamiltonban Township, Adams County, Pa. It lists a Catherine Reese age 8. Her parents are listed as Henry and Catherine Reese. It also lists an older brother named John as being 19. This is interesting because the 1870 and 1880 census's for Penn Township, Cass County, Michigan have Catherine married to one of my great great grandfathers. Listed as living with them is Catherines older brother Jonathon. His age varies as 10 years older to over 20 years older. It is also intersting to note that Catherine and Jacob Flury's first child was a son they named enry Philip. The Henry part might be for her father? With this Catherine her mother and older sister were members of a Lutheren Church in the area. There is documented proof the later in both Michigan and Nebraske Catherine and Jacob were members of the Christian Church's in their area.
      > Her obit state that she moved from Pa to Elkhart County Indiana with her Foster-Parents when she was 17 (about 1862).
      > The other 'possible' is a Catherine in Philladelphia. In the 1860 census for the 19th Ward of Philladelphia, Pa it lists what might be my Catherine. There are a couple of things that make it 'possible'. The first is on her Death Certificate her father is listed as John Reese. On the 1860 Philly census her fathewr is listed as John. The census seems to list a 10 years younger brother as John. Might the age be a mistake?One younger sister is named Emma, when she and Jacob had children one of their daughters was named Emma. Catherines age on the 1860 census is listed as 13. This would be about right if she was 19 in 1865. The 1850 census lists her at that time as being 8, that would have her at 24 in 1864. Neither is an exact fit but parts of each seem to match.
      > Any ideas or assistance would be greatfuly appreciated.
      > Thank you
      > Bob
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