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Re: Organization of information

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  • threebs1984
    Hello, I usually read everything but do not reply. I wanted to reply to your message because I have searched for 23 years and feel that I have finally came up
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      I usually read everything but do not reply. I wanted to reply to your message because I have searched for 23 years and feel that I have finally came up with a way to organize my data. I also am very OCD when it comes to organization, I also never had anyone give me pointers on what to do. My system is color coded hanging file folders. I am looking for both sides of my family so I use blue for my dad's fathers line (Odom), Yellow for my dad's Mothers line (Cash), Red for my mother's father (Baxley), and Green for my mom's mother (Enlow). As the generations go back I make sure to use the male as the color choice. For example on my dad's father's side a Zedikiah Odom married Louisa Leisure they are placed in a blue folder. Remember any name associated with the Odom line will be blue. For example Louisa Leisure married Zedikiah Odom her parents are automatically placed in a blue folder because they are with the Odom line.

      To take this method further I use manilla insert folders for each of their children(except my direct line they get a new color coded hanging file folder) in order to hold their fact sheets I use two of them in each folder one for the males and one for the females. I also place a color coded dot on the tab of these manilla folders so I know which line I am working with. (I know that you can buy colored insert folders to match but they are beyond my budget right now). (I tape the family group sheet in the back inside hanging file folder so I do not have to search for it when needed, because this folder will hold everything on this couple such as birth, marriage, death certificates, tombstone photo's, etc). I place everything in a portable file storage box and have everything at reach. I also have folders in my box with extra blank census forms, generation forms, family group sheets, etc. An nice pencil pouch holds all of my writing utensils and extras including change for copies.

      I hope this helps you a little bit. I also what to stress to everyone to please do not rely on Ancestry.com and other sites for complete truth in your family lines. I have found plenty of mistakes in almost every site. You have to go out there and dig around in order to find true facts. Search at the library and vital stats office's for proof that these are your relatives. Make sure to have copies of birth, marriage, and death certificates, also census records for each person in your files. It would be a shame to search for years then find out you have the wrong family or person. I guess what I am saying is to take some of these sites with a grain of salt and put some work into finding the true story of you life.
      Happy Hunting!

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      > Good Afternoon,
      > I've been a member of the group for a little while now and haven't posted before but read everything and am learning quite alot. I am a complete newbie to all of this and am seriously addicted! I searched the messages for an answer to my question and I suppose I got a partial answer. I have an Ancestry membership and I have been using their family tree program. I'm finding that the more people I add to my tree, I am up to 332 now, that the more confused I get. I am writing everything down on "family group sheets" that I printed off of Rootsweb and that was working fine for awhile. I am at the point now though, that things are getting confusing and while I am trying to keep my sheets in order, they are totally messed up and I can't figure it out from the tree because it only shows 5 generations at a time and some of the people on the bottom drop off as I progress through the tree. I guess I am looking for a way to keep everything straight and in order. Can anyone give me any tips to do this? It's driving me crazy. Is there another genealogy program that would allow me to see the whole tree at once? I'm a bit OCD with keeping everything in order. I will appreciate any help that I can get. Thanks very much
    • rdhowell71@bellsouth.net
      FTM 2010 is attached to Ancestry.com as Ancestry.com owns the rights to the software. You can save a GEDCOM to a flash drive but you just can t open it up from
      Message 36 of 36 , Aug 10 9:34 PM
        FTM 2010 is attached to Ancestry.com as Ancestry.com owns the rights to the software. You can save a GEDCOM to a flash drive but you just can't open it up from the flash drive when working with FTM 2010. The file has to be copied to the hard drive of the computer that has FTM 2010 on it.


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        > I have ran into this issue with FTM10 myself a few times. I wanted to produce a tree that had different families. I found the PAF5 would doi this. It lets you select the person that heds the tree. You can make multiple Tree's from one main tree. You can get PAF free at FamilySearch.com.
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        > >
        > > Okay, I am going to be dumb here and I hope someone can clear something up for me about Ancestry.com and Family Tree Maker.
        > > I am a member of Ancestry.com and am building a family tree with four direct limbs. I guess I should have split the families into two tree paternal and maternal but I didn't. Now since I have built this tree within Ancestry.com I can only move the tree to a Gedcom file on a flash drive. Is Family Tree Maker a free standing tree that can be accessed without accessing the Internet, or is it attached to Ancestry.com as well?
        > > I hope that was clear enough to understand because I would like to have a good free standing tree that I can work on without accessing the Internet and put on a DVD/CD with ease. Thanks...Marsha
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        > > Lora, you indicated you have an Ancestry membership and use their family
        > > tree program. I assume you mean Family Tree Maker (FTM). (If you don't have
        > > FTM installed on your computer, I highly recommend you get it and start
        > > using it. You can pick up a copy of FTM 2010 for $15-$20, now that FTM 2011 has
        > > been announced.)
        > >
        > > I am surprised to hear how much writing you are apparently doing. I have
        > > built up a FTM family tree on my computer with over 800 people and I have had
        > > to write down only about 5% of the information I've found. I would suggest
        > > that you do everything you can to stop writing things done. With Ancestor
        > > online and FTM running on your computer, the only time a person would
        > > really need to write something down is when you are in the field (for example:
        > > interviewing a relative or visiting a cemetery) and you don't have a laptop
        > > computer that you can carry with you. In addition, when you find
        > > information you want to keep about a person at Ancestry online, FTM will extract it
        > > and add it to your family tree on you computer without you having to type
        > > anything, much less write anything down.
        > >
        > > You will also find that FTM (I believe as far back at version 16) will show
        > > up to 99 generations on one chart. (It's likely to be a huge chart with
        > > many pages, but it works.) However, when entering information into a computer
        > > from paper, I can't envision the need to see more than 2 or 3 generations.
        > > Merely go the "People Index" in FTM and search for a person's parents or
        > > children.
        > >
        > > As apparently relatively new to genealogy, you may also find my PowerPoint
        > > presentation "Grant's Genealogy for Beginners" helpful. You can download a
        > > copy from the "Files" section of this Yahoo Group.
        > >
        > > Jim Grant
        > > Solon, Ohio
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