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Brick Wall - Aran Acres Gregory of Hardaway, Alabama

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  • Anne Huffman
    Re: Brick Wall - Aran Acres Gregory of Hardaway, Alabama Looking for information on African-American family that has two mothers who died very young and left
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 21, 2010
      Re: Brick Wall - Aran Acres Gregory of Hardaway, Alabama

      Looking for information on African-American family that has two mothers who died very young and left other family members or neighbors to raise their daughters.

      Aran Acres was the oldest child of Melissa Germany and later married Reubin Gregory in Hardaway, AL and had one child named Almeter/Almetta. Aran supposedley died very young but no death record, but her Aunt Abbie Smith raised her only child; Almeter/Almetta.

      Almeter/Almetta had three kids between age 15 & 21 before dying and leaving her two daughters to be raised by family & neighbors.

      Here are details outlined below:

      1. Melissa Germany ( Aran's mother ) married a George McBride and had several kids

      2. Aran was born approx. 1879 and is Melissa's oldest child and on the census went under name of McBride ( shows up in error as a "Male". She was one of three kids born prior to the marriage and was not George McBride's )

      3. The first record below shows Aran "Acres" as being married to a Reubin Gregory ( I suspect Victoria had been married prior to George McBride )

      4. Aran had one child ( that can be found ) and her name is Almetta or Almeda or Almeter Gregory

      5. Almeter Gregory was born in 1905 and had a child from Charlie Burden that died after 30 minutes of birth in 1921

      6. Almeter also had two more children before she died: Mary Emma and Rosie Lee

      7. Mary Emma's birth certificate says she was born Jul 1924 and took the last name of "Smith" ( raised by her great- grandmother's sister Abbie Germany married to Stanford/Sandford Smith who lived in Bullock County, AL)

      8. Mary Emma (before she died) said her father was Sonny McDaniels and he had a sister named Mae and a brother named "B. D." from a little community called Jefferson near Hardaway, AL )

      9. Mary Emma Smith does not show on any census records for 1920 0r 1930…at least not under that name

      10. Abbie & Stanford Smith show a granddaughter named Ameta Smith on the 1930 census as being 11 years old ( Stanford has two daughters from previous marriage so she could be one of their kids )

      11. Abbie never had kids according to relatives

      12. Rosie Lee was born Aug 19, 1926 ( just 9 days before her mother, Almeter Gregory died from child birth complications )

      13. Rosie Lee took the last name of the "Neighbor" who agreed to raise her Minnie Harper Ivey ( Minnie was married to a John Ivey )

      14. Rosie Lee Ivey/Ivery father was supposedly Walton/Walter Boyd of Hardaway, AL

      What I want to find out is the name of Aran's father and verify the name of Mary Emma Smith's father and her sister Rosie Lee's father.

      A terrific lady, Stacy Simms has helped me enormously in gathering all this information so far and I am hoping that someone in the McBride, Acres/ Acree and Gregory from the Hardaway and Union Springs, Alabama family will fill in the missing pieces.


      "Only what you do for others really count"
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