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Post a Genealogy Brickwall!! STARKE - YORK

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  • Diane S
    O.K. I have two ancestors I am having trouble with... and have just about given up, and that is not like me. Both dead ends were found as a result of DNA
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2010
      O.K. I have two ancestors I am having trouble with... and have just about given up, and that is not like me.

      Both dead ends were found as a result of DNA testing... and in spite of numerous protests on the Stark(e) side, I persist that this is the 'new genealogy' and that already The Mayflower Society is accepting new members based on DNA - females through their brothers, etc.

      1. Thomas Starke b. abt 1724 in Virginia (according to his obituary stating his date of death was 10 Oct 1794, Wilkes County, Georgia, after suffering the family 'affliction' of gout for last 30 years, which would have made him about 40 when he first began to notice the disease, not a young man in his 20's, according to other researchers who claim he is the oldest son of Col. John Starke of Hanover County - impossible! Since Col. John Starke and his descendants have a 'G' haplogroup while my brother and a cousin have F1b2.
      Thomas married Elizabeth (possibly Jones) abt 1760 (did he have another wife who died?) and they were in Wilkes County, Georgia (from Charlotte Co., VA) by 1790. Thomas is noted as a 'patriot' for selling beef to the Continental Army.
      Its only a premise, and mine only that perhaps Thomas was the son of a widow who married Col. John Starke's father, and they were, more or less, raised together, and Thomas took the family name. The DNA has matched exactly two men with the names of McLean and Kennedy.
      Not a promising search since Hanover County was badly burned in two wars... and the parish records are sparse for the time of Thomas' birth.


      2. Captain William York, Rev. War soldier (proven) b. abt 1755 Virginia d. 14 Jul 1837 Carroll County, GA after living most of his life in Randolph County, N.C. Captain York formed a 'troop of horse' to protect the area around his home, and fought in many battles under many commanders (according to the records from Congress).
      He married Ailsey (last name unknown and almost impossible to guess) abt 1778 N.C., and she died 7 Jul 1839 Carroll or Haralson County, GA.
      It has been believed that William was a son of Joseph York of Randolph County, and its likely that perhaps his mother was one of Joseph's wives and that William was such a young boy (was she a widow?) he took the York name. Nothing can be proven... prior to William's adult years.
      One unusual name was that of my 2nd great-grandfather, Josiah Cowan York b. 15 Oct 1799 Washington Co., TN, the 3rd son.
      Strangely enough the DNA of this male line is a 'J2', or the 'Cohen' DNA... previous searches have not come up with anyone names Josiah Cowan - and he was the only one of the boys to have a middle name, thus I feel sure he was named after someone... perhaps William's father?

      Too many if's, and's', but's, prob, possibles in all of this but my goal was to find the original emigrant, where, how, when, why... and these two lines, my surname line, and the line of my father's mother are complete dead ends.

      Thanks for taking a look - at least my problems will make some of yours not seem so daunting!

      Diane Stark Sanfilippo

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