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Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Re: Wishful Thinking

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  • Mark Rabideau
    Hi Joy et al, I know this reply could set me up as a target for criticism but I will share my thoughts and adventure anyway. To start, I think we should
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      Hi Joy et al,

      I know this reply could set me up as a target for criticism but I will
      share my thoughts and adventure anyway.

      To start, I think we should generally be kind, by that I mean generous
      of spirit, to ourselves and others. Most of the errors creep into our
      genealogies (much as you described). They tend to become insidious when
      people take the easy path and do not heed warning signs or take the time
      to analyze data before using it.

      People in their eagerness to do good things with their genealogy often
      run with data before the data is scrubbed or ready for prime-time. For
      instance, I use ancestry.com as one of my main work areas, not as the
      location for storage of my finished products. People who use my
      ancestry.com data run the risk of getting incomplete or inaccurate
      data... there's almost no way for anyone to know that except for me to
      tell them. Yet, I am certain that folks download materials from
      ancestry.com trees.

      Genealogy involves tracking a lot of data, analyzing it, getting it peer
      reviewed (if you are lucky). But even the best laid plans hit snags. I
      am writing a tale about my last adventure, for anyone interested it is
      published here:

      It happens to all of us.

      Pax Vobiscum,
      ...mark (Mark Rabideau)

      ManyRoads Family Genealogist (Rabideau-Henss Family)
      Visit us at: http://many-roads.com
      Snail mail at:
      711 Nob Hill Trail
      Franktown,CO USA 80116-8717

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      From: Joy Weaver <joyweave@...>
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      Subject: [Genealogy Research Club] Re: Wishful Thinking
      Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 09:24:26 -0400

      I'm sure we can all relate to those family histories that just keep
      perpetuating the errors, especially now that it's so easy to put them
      My husband has an ancestor who lived two lives 100 years apart in
      the 17th and 18th centuries-- same wife, children, etc. It comes from a
      family history book written early in the 20th century and somewhere
      along the way some kind soul decided to do the favor of transcribing
      tree and posting it online.
      I, myself, accidentally started an erroneous connection that I
      can't correct. I had uploaded a tree in which I identified a wife's
      name with a ? after it. Someone picked it up and dropped the ?. Now
      that name is set in stone in probably a hundred people's trees. I still
      think I've guessed right based on the naming pattern of the children,
      but it's only a guess. I've given up trying to let people who've
      included it know.
      Sometimes there's an opportunity to add a "post-it" to a fact
      online. That's about the only way I know of to get the word out. Some
      sites will just include both versions and let the reader choose.
      I've also had the situation where I've found documentation that
      disputes family lore. One cousin dropped contact with me when I sent
      her a whole paper-trail that proves that the man her grandmother
      identified as "Henry Weaver from Scotland" was really Johan Jacob Weber
      from Wurttemburg.
      Oh well, enough whining from me for now!

      Joy Weaver

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