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  • Kel
    You are so right, as many lines have been compromised by whomever just for giggles. In my family line one of my relatives thought they did a great job of doing
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      You are so right, as many lines have been compromised by whomever just for giggles.

      In my family line one of my relatives thought they did a great job of doing a family tree and has us going back to William the Conqueror and a few Kinks of England and Germany. The connection is a line going through the pilgrim John Smith, and that has a very definitely tampered with line. So instead of having Royal blood running through my veins, I probably trace back to their court jesters, LOL...Marsha

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      Hello all,

      I will weigh in on this topic. I have been researching my family history for almost 20 years and I inherited a lot of data from my mother who had traced her family back far enough to join the DAR. The internet has made the search somewhat easier. There is a wealth of data available to the researcher.

      I am of the Ronald Reagan school of thought, "trust but verify". I use the information I find as clues and try to gather more evidence before treating a connection as fact. I have a file that contains all the birth certificates, death certificates, marriage records, and census records I can obtain. Even these records are not consistent in their data.

      I have run into people who do genealogy for many different reasons. Some are just in the game as collectors. They add people to their tree indiscriminately and many of their connections do not even make sense.

      As an example of this, I am directly descended from Myles Standish (the captain of the Mayflower company). His wife was named Barbara. That is all that is known about her. Many professional genealogists and historians have spent a great deal of time researching Myles and his connections, and nothing further is there to be found. But I will occasionally find a tree posted online that provides more data on Barbara. The latest I found is kind of funny. I has Barbara being born in Duxbury Mass in 1586 (the Mayflower did not arrive until 1620).

      The LDS church maintains a huge library of genealogical data. Their use of genealogy is tied to their religious beliefs. They use the information to seal their ancestors into the church. Because of this, people might tend to be a little zealous when it comes to establishing connections.

      I hope this is helpful. If anyone is interested, I have started a genealogy blog at:


      On it, I have a list of all surnames I am researching. I will share my information with anyone researching the same lines. Please feel free to comment on my blog.

      Kevin Whiting

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      > Glenny -
      > Thanks for saying that for all of us! I know it was my own brother who put erroneous information out on the Mormon site... and when I asked to have it corrected, I was told that once a person or a database is 'sealed', it cannot be changed! I asked them what I could do to have it corrected, and they told me to send in the correct data and then visitors could choose from one or the other! I asked them if I could include documentation proving this data... and they said 'no, we just throw documentation away!'
      > Honest! That is what they said to me... and until an unfortunate 'crash' I had kept it on my PC - just to 'prove' to others this is what I was told.
      > Also a warning about family Bibles that were not filled in at the time of the event... census reports that vary widely from other information (after all humans fill out the census, and if the family was not home, neighbors were used to fill out the form... BOOKS! The bane of my research! Some well-meaning descendant writes a book, with no information other than 'I was told by ... (a cousin, great-aunt, grandchild, etc.) and not resourced by documentation! I can think of one book in particular that affects one family in my tree, and it is almost impossible to get another 'researcher'? to change their information since the 'incorrect' leads to the Royal line of the Plantagenet's! It is So difficult to remove a 'crown' from their heads... and, frankly, some do not do it ever! But continue to proliferate the error putting their 'data' out on the WWW with the same 'old' tired, incorrect data.
      > I just found a small 'bio' about my own grandfather on-line in a book written by a well-known writer who simply made up some things as he went along! It is the worst piece of research ? I have ever come across! It is a mess!
      > Thanks for the soapbox - I wish someone had told this to me when I first began researching!
      > Diane Stark Sanfilippo
      > Hi, Mike, You can ask them to change anything I am not sure they will. I am still waiting for someone to change wrong info a Mormon sites after 6 years. you can and I think should put your info out there make sure you check your info and dont take anyones word that its correct not the Mormons or any one and the person that put that info out there may not be anyone in your family it may be for the Mormon Church. When they put up info it is what they want to include and most times its not the real facts but what might be or 1/2 the facts.And since some in your family has the name Boon.You may find THAT ONE HAS REPLACE YOURS On one of there sites they (Mormons) have added that mygtgtgrandfather was or could have been married to a lady that died 100 yrs before he was born. .they also have him married 5 or 6 times and not dieing when he did. or where he did And they are not family but have done this site for the Chruch. Check every fact your self then
      > you will know the truth and be proud of your infoand site if you do one. Put all the facts . If you dont then someone may come along later and need that 1 little piece to do their family history or some may come along and miss you because they dont think your in the same family and they have that 1 little peice you need to finish your family history. Good Lucky& Happy Hunting. Glenny
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