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  • paula_lada
    I have been some research here in Ok. and have come across the Last name Ayers in the census records for Beckman Co. which is on line. remember we were Indian
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      I have been some research here in Ok. and have come across the Last name Ayers in the census records for Beckman Co. which is on line. remember we were Indian Terr. and they moved a lot of families here. Paula
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      > I have been searching for over 17yrs., and the family names are too numerous to list, but the main names are
      > Stark(e); Bond; Bowen; York; and my brick walls are
      > Elizabeth A, Henderson 14 Dec 1823 S.C. - 6 Jul 1909 Hart Co., GA married James Stewart Cunningham CSA 1824 Franklin Co., GA - 9 Sep 1864 Ocmulgee Hospital, Macon, GA.
      > Benjamin Brown Rev. solder b. 17 Feb 1763 Orange Co., VA - 27 Feb 1846 Elbert Co., GA. married Nancy (Love?) b. 6 Oct 1763 - 14 Oct 1821 Elbert Co., GA.
      > Thomas Starke b. abt 1724 VA d. 10 Oct 1794 Wilkes Co., GA married Elizabeth (Jones?) b. abt 1732 - 3 Mar 1810 Wilkes Co., GA. DNA has proven he is NOT the son of Col. John Starke of Hanover Virginia, although I believe he was possibly the son of a widow who married Col. John's father, and the child took his name. I believe that Elizabeth was a Jones because Thomas named a son, and my 3rd Great-Grandfather, Phillip Jones Stark, so I am also looking for Phillip Jones possibly from Amelia Co., VA.
      > William Clement b. 1680 King Wm. Co., VA - 18 F4eb 1760 Amelia Co., VA married Mary Ann Taylor b. 1679 Gloucester Co., VA - 1720 Amelia Co., VA
      > John Myhand Rev. Soldier b. 1751 N.C. - abt Mar 1817 Morgan Co., Ga. married Elysabeth 'Epsey' ?
      > Captain William York Rev. Soldier b. abt 1755 prob VA. - 14 Jul 1837 Carroll Co., GA married Ailsey ? b. abt 1760 prob VA d. 7 Jul 1839 Carroll Co., GA. Again DNA has proven that the family we thought that William was descended from is not true... however he raised a 'troop of horse' during the Rev., and many of the York men were in his company, so I believe he grew up with them - possibly the son of a widow who married into the Jeremiah York family.
      > William Wright Rev. Soldier b. 27 Mar 1757 prob. S.C. - Nov 1821 Clarke Co., GA married Mary Ayers (Ayres) b. 14 Jan 1761 - 7 Jun 1830 Clarke Co., GA.
      > Thomas Ayers (Ayres) b. 1740 S.C. d. ? Columbia Co., GA married Mary ?
      > Now this is the most interesting of my brick wall as I believe that Thomas was the son of Thomas Ayres, Oglethorpe's representative to the Cherokee, and his mother was Mary Moore Ayres Amory, a woman of mixed blood, but prob. the granddaughter of Gov. James Moore of S.C. She was an interpreter for the English traders to the Cherokee, and is my ancestor on my mother's side, but I believe she is also the mother of Thomas Ayres (Ayres), father of Mary Ayers Wright. This one I will probably never prove, although her line with the trader John Amory, produced one son, 'Old John' Emory. I believe Thomas was raised by her family with the Cherokee. Now, this is all supposition, but my grandmother told my brother that we were related to the Cherokee Chief James Vann, and this line would take us in that direction, but its all 'fiction' for the moment.
      > There are more, but these are those who drive me the craziest... and all are probably beyond proving.
      > Diane Stark Sanfilippo
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