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Massive Gen History Project

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    I am working on a massive family history research project .....I am an adoptee that found my birth parents about 18 years ago and have developed a great
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2009
      I am working on a massive family history research project .....I am an adoptee that found my birth parents about 18 years ago and have developed a great relationship with both my adopted parent and my biological parents....To add another twist to the story, when i was 18 years old I also put a son up for adoption.....I am currently researching EVERYONE both adopted and bilogical families .....here is a list of the sure names and areas I am searching for.....If anyone is looking for any of these names in the same areas let me know and we can compare notes :-)
      My surname is PABST (Biolgical Parents SAVAGE & BARNETT) 
      Thanks !!
      (Wifes Family)
      AGAR (England 1856 and before) (Australia, Victoria, Werribee 1856 and after)
      MATTINGSON ( 1800's England, Kendal Westmorland, and Geddington Northampton)  
      DOWNIE (Australia, Victoria)
      CASSIDY (Australia, Victoria)
      PRITCHARD (Australia, Victoria)
      WILLIAMS (Australia, Victoria)
      AUSTIN (Virginia)
      SKEENS (Ohio)
      (Biological Family)
      BARNETT (California)
      BENNETT (California)
      BARNES (California)
      DICK (California)
      BOND (California)
      BRAZEAU (Northwest USA)
      EVERN (Northwest USA)
      HAMBLIN (California)
      DAVENPORT (Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvainia)
      O'CALLAGHAN (California)
      TRIBBLE (California & Texas)
      UNRUGH (California)
      HARWOOD (Indiana, Illinois, Southern California)
      KORNMANN (Indiana, Illinois, Southern California)
      SAVAGE (California, Ohio, Texas, Colorado, Bellingham, Washington)
      O'SAVAGE (California, Ohio, Texas, Colorado)
      AUBE (California)
      WILLMOT (California)
      QUINLAN (Southern California and Massachusetts)
      HOUSLEY (New England States, Illinois, Ohio)
      OLSON (Southern California)
      ALLEN (Bellingham Washington)
      BALDWIN (Southern California)
      NEUNER (Southern California)
      HUND (Southern California)
      BARTELL (Southern California, Washington)
      DUTCHER (Southern California, Washington)
      HARLAN (Southern California, Washington)
      OGLESBY (Texas, California, Ohio, Colorado)
      HUTSON (Texas, California, Ohio, Colorado, Washington)
      TRUELSON (California)
      D'AMBROSIA (Washington, California)
      PECK (California) (Kin of Gregory Peck The Actor)
      PABST (New Jersey, New York, California, Pennsylvainia (1800's Austro-Hungarian Empire, Austria, Germany, Prussia)
      JEORGER (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvainia, Maine)
      SPIGNARD (New Jersey, New York, California, Pennsylvainia, Arkansas)
      FROHNAPPEL (Arkansas, Florida)
      COLBURN (New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvainia)
      DEVLIEGER (Eastern States)
      EVANS (New York, Pennsylvainia)
      MALANKY (New York, Pennsylvainia)
      REYNOLDS (New York, Pennsylvainia)
      STREETER (New York, Pennsylvainia)
      LAKE (New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvainia, Maine)

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