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    Record of Birth, Oklahoma State Board of Health: Grandmothers name:  Era Lucile Sanders City or Town:  Frederick County:  Tillman State:  OK Date of
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 14, 2009
      Record of Birth, Oklahoma State Board of Health:

      Grandmothers name:  Era Lucile Sanders
      City or Town:  Frederick
      County:  Tillman
      State:  OK
      Date of Birth:  August 18, 1912

      Father:  J.M. Sanders
      Post Office Address:  Manitou
      Age:  19 years
      Birthplace:  Texas

      Mother:  Bettie Grantham
      Post Office Address:  Manitou
      Age:  18 years

      State of Oklahoma Dept. Health Amendment to Certificate of Birth:

      Registrants Name:  Era Lucile Sanders
      Entry after Amendment:  Gladys Lucile Sanders

      Fathers Name:  J.M. Sanders
      Entry after Amendment:  Melford Joel Sanders

      Mothers Name:  Bettie Grantham
      Entry after Amendment:  Bettie Ann Grantham

      Documents Presented:  Delayed Birth Cert., signed April 6, 1943

      Copy of Marriage Certficate:
      Jewel Harris married Lucile Sanders of Foss Oklahoma 6 March 1928 at Cordell Oklahoma

      It shows as a witness Mrs. Bettie Sanders, Foss Oklahoma and another person.

      Grandmothers Death Certificate:

      Tarrant County Texas, Arlington
      Date of death:  July 6, 1944

      Fathers Name:  Sanders
      Mothers Maiden Name: Grantham

      The reason I thought my grandmother was born in Henryetta Oklahoma is because on my mother's birth certificate it says mothers maiden name:

      Lucile Sanders
      Birthplace:  Henryetta Oklahoma

      According to my mom and aunt, Bettie's mom and dad were:

      D.W. Monlds
      Etta Monlds

      Bettie and her husband had three children:

      Gladys Lucille Sanders (my grandmother)
      Hobert Sanders
      Thelma Sanders

      According to the 1920 Census Henryetta Ward 4, Okmulgee, Oklahoma there is:

      D.W. Monlds:   46 yrs  Born:  Illinois

      Etta Monlds:   52 yrs  Born:  Texas

      Bettie Sanders: (daughter)  25yrs  Born: Texas

      Gladys Sanders:  7 yrs  Born:  Oklahoma  Relationship to head:  grandaughter

      Hobert Sanders:  There is something in the block for age but it's scrambled and so there is no age mentioned.  Born:  Texas  Relationship to Head:  grandson

      According to my mom Mr. Monlds was Etta's second husband.

      There is no mention of my grandfather, Bettie's husband Melford Joel.

      The next mention of my grandmother Gladys Lucille that I found was the 1930 Census, Forth Worth, Tarrant Co., Texas:

      J.H. Harris (my grandfather)    Head of House    Age: 34   Born in Texas
      Gladys L. (my grandmother)   Age:  18   Born:  Oklahoma

      I had wondered why it didn't mention my mom but found that she was mentioned at the end of the list on another page as an add on with a couple other people.

      I did various searches under J.M. Sanders, Joel, Joel Melford, Melford Joel and Jack since that's what mom and my aunt said he went by.

      Because Grandma's birth certificate lists her father as being 19 when she was born I estimate that he was born either 1893 or 1894.  I know that he and his second wife lived in California...where I am from.  I remember going to see them and it was somewhere up around Bakersfield California.  I don't know if he died there or went back to Texas, where he was from.

      I found the following for a Jack Sanders:

      World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
      Name:    Jack M Sanders
      City:    Not Stated
      County:    Tillman
      State:    Oklahoma
      Birthplace:    Texas
      Birth Date:    25 Jun 1893
      Race:    American
      Roll:    1852130
      DraftBoard:    0

      The Jack M. (Melford?) caught my eye as did the Tillman, Oklahoma which is where my grandmother was born.

      On the actual copy on line it shows his address as being in Frederick Oklahoma...so where grandma was born...It shows him as being born in Sulphur Springs Texas, Married, and having two children, a boy & a girl.

      Going with the name Jack Sanders I came across a 1920 census for Madison County, Texas:

      Name:    Jack Sanders
      Home in 1920:    Justice Precinct 2, Madison, Texas
      Age:    26 years

      Estimated Birth Year:    abt 1894
      Birthplace:    Texas
      Father's Birth Place:    United States of America
      Mother's Birth Place:    United States of America
      Marital Status:    Married
      Race:    White
      Sex:    Male
      Able to read:    Yes
      Able to Write:    Yes
      Image:    172

      On the actual copy it says:

      Name of institution:  Texas State Farm

      When I tried to research it there was reference to Madison county TX, State Prison Farm.  My aunt made reference to him having been in prison...my guess is this is him since he is not listed in the 1920 Census for my grandmother and her mom...and explains why my great grandmother was living with her parents.

      This is about as far as I have gotten.  If I have the right people then according to the census for 1920 my great grandmother Bettie Sanders parents were both born in Texas as was she, which I just realized means that Mr. Monlds was her stepfather since he was listed as being born in Illinois.  It shows Bettie's mom, Etta, as being born in Texas and both her parents being born in Alabama.

      Ok...did a little more digging.  There is another 1920 Census that was done for Madison County, Texas.  The first one I mentioned was done February 4, 1920 by one person.  There is another one done by someone else on January 26, 1920, also for Madison County, Texas and it says:

      Ferguson State Farm
      Huntsville Prison and above that "Temporarily at".
      Jack Sanders is on that list as well as a bunch of the same names on the other one, just not in the same order.  On this one instead of showing place of birth for parents as USA it shows place of birth for both his mother and father as being Texas.

      I know that I met my great grandfather in California where we lived...he lived I think up around Bakersfield and his wife then was his second wife, not Bettie. Don't know if he died in California, went back to Texas or what. Still trying to work on that.

      Hopefully I haven't dumped too much information and I did it in somewhat of an orderly fashion.

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