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Re: My Story (and introduction)-Off Topic to Mrs. B.

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  • gingerbread16125
    Mrs. B., I found your story very uplifting. I wish that i would have taken an interest to my own Grandfathers stories about ancestors before he passed away. I
    Message 1 of 5 , Feb 4, 2009
      Mrs. B.,
      I found your story very uplifting. I wish that i would have taken
      an interest to my own Grandfathers stories about ancestors before he
      passed away. I could have learned an unimaginable amount of family
      information. Thank you for your story,

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      > Thank you for sharing such a lovely story!
      > Shelli
      > Portland, Oregon
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      > That is a beautiful story and very well written. It has a
      > certain writers flair to it. You should consider ummmm.... maybe you
      > could be like the woman who wrote the Harry Potter stories.
      > Debra
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      > Subject: [Genealogy Research Club] My Story (and introduction)
      > I guess we all have them...smile. Mine started as a very young
      > girl
      > and summer visits to Grandpa's house
      > My grandpa had an old garage behind his house. It was one of
      > those
      > kind that had
      > double doors that swung open, kind of like a barn, and he kept
      > it
      > locked with a padlock. Inside, it was dark, even with the
      > wide
      > open. The only light was from a single bulb that hung from
      > rafters where you could see old rakes and shovels and
      > old-fashioned
      > tools I didn't even recognize. The garage was dusty and filled
      > with
      > cobwebs and spiders everywhere around stacks of dusty boxes
      > filled
      > all kinds of old books and eyeglasses and dishes and other
      > from
      > his life. There were boxes filled with heavy frames that held
      > pictures of people from the past. There were women with long
      > dresses
      > and men with stiff collars on their shirts. Almost none of
      > smiled, and they just looked stern and unhappy to me.
      > When I was 11, I found these trips to the garage with grandpa
      > be
      > boring. He would always be talking about the people in the
      > pictures
      > and explaining who they were, but none of it held my interest.
      > That
      > is until one day when I saw a picture sticking up out of one
      > the
      > boxes of a man in a braided uniform coat with a wide-brimmed
      > that
      > had a huge plume in it.
      > "Who's that?" I asked grandpa.
      > "That's your great-great grandfather. He was a colonel in the
      > Civil
      > War."
      > That was it for me. I had never dreamed that any of my
      > had
      > been soldiers, or that they had ever done anything very
      > interesting
      > in their lives. But now I was intrigued.
      > I asked Grandpa to tell me all about my great-great
      > He
      > smiled and looked at me over the top of his glasses. I guess
      > realized that finally I was going to listen to his stories
      > our
      > ancestors, which I did for many years after that day.
      > And that is my story as true as true is and about 55 years ago
      > LOL!!
      > My friends all call me Mrs. B and I can be found all around so
      > feel
      > free to drop me a line and say howdy. If I can help you know I
      > surely
      > will:)
      > I do have my own genealogy business but that is separate from
      > this
      > (thought I'd add that before anyone asks what I do for a
      > lol.)
      > But am always ready to lend a helping hand so holler at me
      and I
      > will
      > do the same.
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