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  • Dianne Planeta
    Michigan & Archives Posted by: D50j100@aol.com D50j100@aol.com Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:31 pm (PST) Good Afternoon to all, Great afternoon to do some research!!
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 15, 2009
      Michigan & Archives
      Posted by: "D50j100@..." D50j100@...
      Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:31 pm (PST)
      Good Afternoon to all,
      Great afternoon to do some research!! In the Jackson Citizen Patriot
      newspaper the other night, was an article about some Civil War letters: "Civil
      War-era letters donated to Archive". "Almost 300 letters worth of Civil War-era
      correspondence between a husband and wife from Hillsdale will soon be available
      for history buffs to read. Wallace K. EWING of Grand Haven donated 291
      letters--one of the largest collections of Civil War letters in the country--to
      the Archives of Michigan. They were written by his great-grandparents, Henry
      MCKENDREE 'Mack' and Nancy 'Nan' EWING, beteen 1856 & 1865. By spring the
      letters will be added to the Archives' digital Collection, which can be accessed at
      _www.seekingmichiga n.org_ (http://www.seekingm ichigan.org) They also will
      be available at the Michigan Library and Historical Center, 702 w. Kalamazoo
      St., Lansing. For more information, call 517-37301408 or visit
      _www.michigan. gov/archivesofmi _ (http://www.michigan .gov/archivesofm i) "

      Well, I visited the _www.seekingmichiga n.org_
      (http://www.seekingm ichigan.org) and although those letters aren't on that page as yet (because it isn't
      spring yet!!) but you should see what else you can view!! By the way, the Death
      records of Michigan that will soon be posted on that site, they do have some
      1500 records posted already--at least I think it is from what Kris was telling
      us about at our Tuesday meeting. Anyway--check out the other things viewable
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