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Re: Questions... Clyde Roland Rose

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  • Tom Knox
    Sherrie - I have known people who fall on either side of this issue - whether to show Charles or Clyde as the father of Clyde Roland. I suppose that it would
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 12, 2008
      Sherrie -

      I have known people who fall on either side of this "issue" -
      whether to show Charles or Clyde as the father of Clyde Roland.
      I suppose that it would be personal preference.
      My own opinion is to go with genetics - ie., list Charles as
      the father, with notes to indicate that Clyde Roland was adopted
      and raised by Clyde & Mable.
      Certainly do NOT skip it - it is/was an important part of the life
      of Clyde Roland! And probably some *other* parts of his life
      wouldn't make sense if that part were left out!

      > How do I find out about adoptions?

      Sorry - can't help - I know very little about them.

      I don't know what info you already have, so here's some -

      1930 Emmett, Calhoun, MI
      Rose, Clyde S/47:MI:MI:IN, Mable/43:MI:MI:MI, Clyde R/9:MI:MI:MI

      Michigan Deaths, 1971-1996
      Name: Clyde R Rose
      Birth Date: 23 Apr 1921
      Death Date: 6 Aug 1985
      Gender: Male
      Residence: Hope, Barry, Michigan
      Place of Death: Hope, Barry, Michigan

      World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918
      Name: Clyde Sylvester Rose
      Address 5 Battle Creek Cal (Calhoun) Mich
      Birth Date: 14 Mar 1883
      Nearest Relative: Mabel Rose (same address)
      Physically disqualified: middle finger right hand
      Roll: 1675130

      I'm not sure if this is the same couple or not -
      1920 Emmet, Calhoun, Michigan (indexed as ROSS)
      Rose, Clyde/36:MI:IN:IN/SheetMetalWorker, Maud/33:MI:MI:MI

      1910 Bath, Clinton, MI
      (in the house of Emmet & Dalia Clise)
      Rose, Clyde/27:MI:MI:NY/HiredMan, Mable/23:MI:MI:MI married.1 2 yrs

      1900 Elba, Gratiot, Michigan
      Rose, Charles, head 47 married 24 yrs born May 1853 MI:NY:MI
      (), Emma, wife 42 married 24 yrs born Dec 1857 IN:NY:NY
      - 7 children 6 living
      (), Clyde, son 17 born Mar 1883 MI:MI:IN
      (), Clayton, son 9 born Nov 1890 MI:MI:IN
      (), Charles, son 6 born Nov 1893 MI:MI:IN
      (), Cleophas, son 11m born June 1899 MI:MI:IN
      NOTE: household of Jacob/51 & Loretta Rose on the same censuspage.

      I'm not sure if this is the same couple, but it looks good -
      1880 Shiawasse, Shiawassee, MI
      Cook, Esckid?/40:MI:RI:NY, Anna/37, Charles B/14, Clayton/9
      Cook, Esckid?/81:RI:RI:RI/father/widower
      Rose, Chas/28:MI:MI:MI/son-in-law, Emma/23:IN:IN:IN, Bertie/1
      NOTE: "Esckid?" looks more like "Esckiel?"; indexed as ESCKID

      - Tom Knox IBSSG

      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, "Sherrie" <sla2828@...>
      > Sorry I have so many questions, I have so much to learn. My
      > Grandfather Clyde Roland Rose was born 4/23/1921. He died in Aug.
      > 1985. His SS# was 381-18-7949. He was born to Charles Rose and
      > whoever Charles was married to at the time. I know that she died
      > either within a year or so of Clyde's birth or maybe at birth.
      > Charles didn't think he could raise him alone so Charles's brother
      > Clyde Rose (and his wife Mable) adopted Clyde Roland Rose. Charles
      > Rose later married Letta (not sure of her maiden name.)
      > When doing family trees and histories, Would I just skip over the
      > fact that Clyde Roland was adopted by his uncle Clyde? Do I put
      > Clyde as Clyde Rolands father since he was legally his father or
      > leave him as his uncle?
      > How do I find out about adoptions? I can't find any birth
      > certificates for Clyde Roland Rose that would list a mother on it.
      > am really hoping that I can learn where to find these types of
      > out. I did find a lot of death cert. info but I already knew that
      > since it was only in 1985 I remember that much.
      > I have learned that I am going to start writing things down for my
      > children about what I remember as a child and the family things
      > they may find interesting. Stories and how everyone fits
      > I wish my grandma was in the frame of mind to help. *sigh* Oh how
      > am missing my great grandparents right now. When I was young I
      > every weekend with them. How easy it would have been to just ask
      > them but of course I was so young. Do any of you get really
      > sentimental when you are looking into your family? Has your
      > involved in researching your past impacted your record keeping of
      > your current happenings for future generations?
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