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Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Digest Number 1564

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  • Mary E. Conley
    Thank you, I have my work cut out for me - I ll let you know if I find them. ... From: hiflyte Subject: Re: [Genealogy Research Club]
    Message 1 of 2 , Sep 5, 2008
      Thank you, I have my work cut out for me - I'll let you know if I find them.

      --- On Wed, 9/3/08, hiflyte <hiflyte@...> wrote:

      From: hiflyte <hiflyte@...>
      Subject: Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Digest Number 1564
      To: genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Wednesday, September 3, 2008, 7:51 AM

      Hope the following gives you a starting point

      The record for Canadian Ports of Entry to the USA are called St. Albans
      They are some of the border crossings into the US during the period 1894
      - 1954.
      The history of the St Albans List can be found at the following URLs

      http://www.archives .gov/publication s/prologue/ 2000/fall/ us-canada- immigration- records-1. html
      http://freepages. genealogy. rootsweb. ancestry. com/~holdenclan/ albans.htm
      http://www.afhs. ab.ca/aids/ talks/notes_ mar99.html

      and a Google search will bring up many more references.
      The LDS have copied these Lists to film

      Prior to the St. Albrans lists one must resort to Immigration records
      into Canada. Now this is a major undertaking to search the ship lists
      for the pre 1900 time frame, it means looking through each ships
      passenger manifest
      Here are a few reference sites for Canadian records:

      http://www.collecti onscanada. gc.ca/the- public/index- e.html
      http://www.collecti onscanada. gc.ca/genealogy/ index-e.html
      http://www.collecti onscanada. gc.ca/genealogy/ 022-908.005- e.html
      http://www.collecti onscanada. gc.ca/genealogy/ 022-908-e. html

      http://www.ingeneas .com/free/ index.html
      http://webhome. idirect.com/ ~obrienr/ cork1823. html
      http://www.ist. uwaterloo. ca/~marj/ genealogy/ ships4.html
      http://www.ist. uwaterloo. ca/~marj/ genealogy/ thevoyage. html
      http://members. shaw.ca/nanaimo. fhs/
      http://www.olivetre egenealogy. com/ships/ tocan1400- 1800.shtml
      http://www.theships list.com/ Research/ canadarecords. htm

      http://www.genesear ch.com/ports. html

      http://www.familych ronicle.com/ NotThroughNY. html

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      > Is there a website for Canadian ports of entry?

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