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Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Re: My brick wall in Locating Eliza Ann Bunce and Descendants.

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  • Barbara Sack
    I looked on ancestry, at the 1850 census, since this is the first one that listed every member of the household and was before she married. At first I
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 30, 2008
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      I looked on ancestry, at the 1850 census, since this is the first one
      that listed every member of the household and was before she
      married. At first I couldn't find her, but after I found the info on
      the new LDS site (see below), I searched again and found her in Ohio,
      living just a couple of doors away from Franklin Sexton and his
      family, which answers the question, how did a man from Ohio meet and
      marry a girl from Michigan?

      Name: Eliza Bunce
      Age: 26
      Estimated Birth Year: abt 1824
      Birth Place: New York
      Gender: Female
      Home in 1850(City,County,State): Huron, Erie, Ohio
      Household Members:
      Name Age
      Eliza Bunce 26
      George Bunce 22
      Phillip Smith 16
      Douglass Wright 30
      Jabez Wright 2
      Meranda Wright 27

      On the actual census form, Douglas Wright is listed first, so no
      doubt is Head of Household, followed by wife and baby. Then Eliza,
      then Philip Smith, then George Bunce. Since Eliza and George aren't
      listed together and he's 4 yr younger, I'd guess they're brother and
      sister, not married. Too bad they're not living with their
      parents. There is one Bunce family living in Liberty, MI, in 1850,
      all from NY, OH or MI, so it may be the main family these two are
      from - maybe they stayed behind for some reason, then when Eliza
      decided to get married she went to her parents' home to do so. So
      I'll send that too (from ancestry):

      Name: Oliver Bunce
      Age: 50
      Estimated Birth Year: abt 1800
      Gender: Male
      Home in 1850(City,County,State): Liberty, Jackson, Michigan
      Household Members:
      Name Age
      Anson Bunce 8
      Caroline Bunce 45
      Franklin Bunce 7
      Harrison Bunce 16
      Jeremiah Bunce 19
      John Bunce 14
      Lucinda Bunce 17
      Martin Bunce 11
      Mary Bunce 3
      Mitchell Bunce 6
      Oliver Bunce 50
      Sarah Bunce 12
      The actual form shows Oliver's birthplace as unknown, the 1860 census
      shows New Hampshire.

      Have you tried getting a marriage certificate for Eliza's first
      marriage, since you know exactly when and where she was married? It
      might confirm this was her family.

      I also looked on a new LDS site, www.pilot.familysearch.org , and
      found the info about her second marriage, to Alva Baxter. It shows
      she was born in 1925 in Mt. Morris, NY. Unfortunately it doesn't
      give her parents names. Here's the (very long!) link.


      I've saved copies of the actual 1850 census forms and will be happy
      to email them directly to you if you tell me it's okay (otherwise I
      won't). I don't think I can send attachments via the group.

      I hope this helps some.


      At 02:04 PM 8/29/2008, you wrote:

      >Hello everyone at genealogyresearchclub, This is Erick Hoeman of
      >allages4us. I need your help and expertise in my brick wall in locating
      >Eliza Ann Bunce and Descendants. She is my ggggrandmother from Liberty,
      >Jackson Co. Mi. Who married on 12 July 1852 Liberty, Jackson Co. Mi. to
      >my ggggrandfather Franklin Sexton born 1829 Huron Co. Oh. died in the
      >Army on 17 Jan. 1865 in Jefferson USG Hospital,Jefferson Co. Indiania.
      >In the Widows Army Pension Papers on 24 Mar. 1866, listed Eliza Ann
      >(Bunce)Sexton (40) forty years of age. She would be born 1826 Mi.?NY.?
      >Along with her other children. Three sons,and a daughter. One son name
      >listed was Myron Henry Sexton, born 18 May 1855 which is my
      >gggrandfather. After Franklin Sexton death, Eliza Ann Sexton married a
      >Alvah Baxter (b.1818) on 28 Dec. 1867 in Liberty,Jackson Co. Mi. My
      >brick wall is locating her parents, and descendants from Mi. and else
      >where NY./VT.? To all whom it may concern here,at genealogyresearchclub
      >for your help and expertise in breaking through the brick walls of
      >genealogy linage and finding answer in locating my quest to allages4us
      >family and descendants search. I'll greatly appreciate your help, info.
      >and time in this issue,and thanking each and everyone in advance on my
      >brick wall side of the Bunce Family of Jackson Co. Mi. Thanks again
      >from <mailto:allages4us2002%40yahoo.com>allages4us2002@...
      >Erick Hoeman, Glendale,AZ . EH.

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