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  • Debbie Petrides
    Genealogy Research Club - A forum for genealogy information exchange!As I don t remember if I had formally introduced myself either, it s a good time for it.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2008
      Genealogy Research Club - A forum for genealogy information exchange!As I don't remember if I had formally introduced myself either, it's a good time for it. We all seem to be making introductions today.
      My name is Debbie and I was born in Brooklyn. My parents were both born in Greece, same island, same village, 2nd cousins, 3rd cousins, and 3rd cousins 1x removed. (as far as I know, there are probably further ties as we go on) My mom moved to the states when she was 9 and my dad at 29 so 1 was not very Greek and the other slightly more so. When I was in college and shortly after my grandmother's death, I got this idiotic notion to write my own genealogy program (as a CS major) then begin entering all the names and stories my grandmother had given us over the years. Needless to say, the program never got written, the itty bitty chart got lost over the years, I got married, had a child, moved to Greece and decided to start over again. It's been 6 years since restarting and have discovered unimaginable things. There are now over 2000 people in our tree, 12 direct ancestor surnames, relatives and contacts spanning from Greece to the US, to the UK, Australia, Cyprus and the not yet contacted cousins who moved to Brazil. I use the Master Genealogist by the way, it's a godsend for writing and keeping track of sources not to mention the most organized program ever.
      My parents both shared the surname Sideratos, their mother's were Kalamaras and Politis, 3rd generation brought in Haviaras, Giannoulakis, Begakis & Kontoudis, 4th generation brought us Sideridis, Manolias, Koufoudis, Casanova and Hatzinikolaou. There are some male given names in the 5th generation (ggg-grands) but nothing further back than 1820-ish. And I should note, every direct ancestor absolutely lived on the island of Chios and died there. 1822 was what they call a watershed moment because that year, the population there was nearly obliterated by the Ottomans. We wonder if our ancestors may have been living somewhere else during this and they settled on Chios after it was over. Or maybe they withstood it by hiding in a cave, we just don't know. Over the years have fallen into deep ruts in the research, spending days at a time filling in the birthdates and immigration details for the marrieds-in which lately I've begun cutting out of the database if they have significance to their lives w/ my relative. Have found newspaperarchive.com to be a godsend with Pennsylvania relatives and every year brings new repositories of data. This month have found a courthouse in Athens which is a national source (Greece that is) for wills going back to the early 1800's. Unfortunately as Chios was liberated and joined Greece in 1912, my families' documents at that courthouse won't go back farther than that. Which is fine, the library on Chios has turned up dowry agreements and wills from the late 1800's.
      All is well! Am researching the Casanova family of Chios in earnest as it ties in with Negroponte (yes the UN ambassador is one) and Argenti, Rallis, Vlastos and other big families (in Greece, streets are named after them all over.. even Casanova just wish my g-g-grandma was alive to see it )

      And that's about it from here, could go on for hours but I will show mercy,
      good luck to everyone and as I tell my dad, any more and we'll get back to Jesus (not really, but it's nice to dream)


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