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Re: [Genealogy Research Club] James Tyler Saunders, Frank Schubert, Rosa Lee Meek

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  • Shirley Schroeder
    Hello mccgram, I appreciate all your research, but I don t think that any of these articles pertain to my step grandfather, Frank Schubert. My real grandfather
    Message 1 of 6 , Jan 30, 2008
      Hello mccgram,

      I appreciate all your research, but I don't think that any of these articles pertain to my step grandfather, Frank Schubert.
      My real grandfather James Tyler Saunders was married to my grandmom in 1908 and died 1913. She married Frank Schubert sometime after that. They lived in Cincinnati, Ohio until he died around 1970. My grandmom died in 1972.

      I'm looking for the following:

      Death Certificate for Frank Schubert. Died around 1970 or 1971 in Cincinnati, Ohio
      Birth Certificate for Rosa Lee Meek. Born 2/22/1888 in Kentucky
      Birth Certificate for Virginia Lee Saunders 7/28/09. She was the daughter of James and Rosa Lee Saunders
      Marriage License for Rosa Lee Meek/Saunders to James Tyler Saunders. Married 1908 in the State of Indiana. ( I think that is where they were married)
      Marriage License for Rosa Lee Meek/Saunders/Schubert. Married sometime after first husband died in 1913.

      Thank you for your help!
      Shirley Lee

      mccgram <mccgram@...> wrote:
      At Newspaper Archives found the following between 1950-1959
      Chronicle Telegram, The
      Frank Schubert 190 N Main street with Mrs ter Gehring as resource
      leader Unit 3 meets with Mrs J R chard 67 S Professor street with Mrs
      Leigh Alexander as resource leader and Unit 4 meets with Mrs Frank
      Shaw 328 Reamer Place Week-End Bowling -A LEAGUE Buckeye Mold Dlo 64
      B U Food Market 58 35 62 Yarsa Sports JS 61 Wayne Co 4743 52 Smith
      Texaco Service 48 51 Hart Construction 4446 48 LaGrance 47 Clothes 43
      SI 45 Brove Trucking 4251 45 Oracle's Inn 42 51 45 George's Chips 31
      52 42 Elyri

      Monday, April 17, 1950 Elyria, Ohio
      Chronicle Telegram, The
      Frank Schubert ald Newcomb Mrs R chaska Mrs Ernest S Chonko Mrs Norma
      Carman Mrs K W Scott Mrs E C Brown Mrs Ruth Moir Thelma Swift Mrs
      Rita Slack Mrs Moss Mrs Ely Mrs Kasper Mrs D Brock Mrs Header The
      property committee is Mr and Mrs Robert Miller Dems Ryan Arthur Jr
      Frank D e n a s Virginia Lawrence Jean Bi- eske Carl Bieske Ford ner
      Roy Hultz pale Maize Joyce Maize Ed Kistner Jerry Hicks and Harold
      Bruce Jr Historical Society Born In 89 Survived Fire Problems

      Saturday, August 02, 1958 Elyria, Ohio
      Chronicle Telegram, The
      Frank Schubert Lorain Sweet Mary Anne Talarski Sidney a grandson
      Hubert Schubert Tamm Kenneth Taylor a Thomas Clara Ann Timms David
      jter Mrs Coralie Nesbit Leipsic Tumbull Sylvia Vargo Ann ter Marilyn
      Wentz Wehman Nancy Craig Bennett Barbara Blecman Janice Bodmann Jack
      Sandra Chappie James Demas Donna Fugitt Richard Garrett Virginia
      Garrett Ted Gottfried Judy Judy son Linda Kellogg ner Carolyn King
      Kathy Lamb Johnna Lautner Barbara field Steve Miko Nancy Miller
      Caroline Norris Dick Nova

      Saturday, May 04, 1957 Elyria, Ohio
      Chronicle Telegram, The
      Frank Schubert 1327 West 10th St William Snell 1 Joppa Rd Huron Ray
      LeMasters 1646 East St David Montgomery 121 Garvin Ave Elyria Debra
      McGee 3732 Omaha Ave Donald E Hamilton 1007 G St phoned Sheriff John
      mobilized all the offin this village near t ana line His three-man
      Sherrill and Nancy went to ai movie Sunday afternoon their parents
      were at work in ne small Northwestern Ohio Afterward they stopped at
      restaurant for a soft drink and then started walking to their home j
      patrolmen fiv

      Monday, November 14, 1960 Elyria, Ohio
      Chronicle Telegram, The
      Frank Schubert was baptized at yesterday's service Monday p m Boy
      Scout meet p m Scouts meet Friday p.m choir rehearsal Christ
      Episcopal Tonight the vestry will meet fa me church for a short
      service of evening prayer followed by the regular meeting in the
      rector office Service Personnel Pfc Walter B Gem Jr son of Mrs
      Christine Gem 336 Washington Ave Elyria is taking part in the Army's
      Alaskan Moose Horn in the Big Delta area 165 miles from the Arctic
      GreJe Winter temperatures in th

      Wednesday, September 28, 1955 Elyria, Ohio
      Chronicle Telegram, The
      Frank Schubert 426 Kansas of lived in Elyria many years before years
      LORAIN Mrs Jessie Belle Shaver 89 former resident of Lorain died last
      night in Greensboro where die made home with a daughter Miss Ruth A
      SPECIAL cruelty and excessive drinking j moving to Vermilion 20 years
      ago He was a retired employe of the Divorce suits filed Donis G
      Anderson 1186 West Eighth St Lorain against Helen 4129 Riverside Dr
      against Edwar

      Thursday, May 21, 1959 Elyria, Ohio
      Chronicle Telegram, The
      Frank Schubert com manding officers of Ord nance HM Co and Co D
      Engineers respectively Ordnance will show their bi a tank as well a
      four shop vans and a wrecker The engineers will hav a display of
      demolition equip ment machine gun and carbine model bridges various
      trucks an air compressor and 1 ton crane Senior personnel will be o
      records was attributed to n error made in the docket en- tries
      Testimony also disclosed that had been arrested six times previously
      hand to explain th

      Thursday, February 19, 1959 Elyria, Ohio
      East Liverpool Review
      Frank Schubert of now contacting land Miss Eleanor Jane Bennett j
      ville Mrt Evelyn Johnson to hem their property inducted as regent of
      the and the Belgian Miss June Zakutansky is chib daughter and Delmar
      Tobin of required group Mrs Thomas B Clark Many of the movies of the
      wild bring Mrs Fay Kell ind Mr and vice regent Homer 0 were taken
      within the ton second vice regent Mrs range at 20 feet and Mrs
      Georgetown er Ashbaugh treasurer Mrs R lated their experiences in the
      Pvt w L Cawoo

      Wednesday, May 21, 1952 East Liverpool, Ohio
      Mansfield News Journal
      Frank Schubert will provide the proper contrast The Sonata In D Op
      will be played in four movements Con and Rondo Bartok's Outdoors
      Suite will wind up the first section of the concert This selection
      includes the Students Can Get Scholarship DELAWARE Dr W F ert of the
      Ohio Wesleyan sity department of zoology an- today that zoology dents
      at the college again have the opportunity of competing ior the Edward
      L Rice scholarship covers a summer's work at an approved biological
      laboratory Th

      Sunday, March 02, 1952 Mansfield, Ohio
      Chronicle Telegram, The
      Frank Schubert R D 2 Elyria liam 325 Mornington Rd Vermilion Mrs Leon
      Ryan 129 Oak St Mrs Edith Saussler 1935 Grafton Rd John Scholl 5367
      Lear Nagle North Ridgeville Mrs Wayman Scott 233 South Pleasant St
      Oberlin Mrs Bernard Stydnicki 144 East Ave Mrs Donald Tilden 253
      Melody Lane Grafton Michael Vince 178 Woodford Ave Susan Wetzel 321
      East River St Mrs Robert Williams and daughter 900 Cleve land St
      RALPH G Tomson Is Choice At Clearview Ralph G Tomson 905 Nort Ridge
      Rd East was appointe

      Wednesday, July 15, 1959 Elyria, Ohio
      Evening Independent
      Frank Schubert died of ty fever at the age of 31 Named Supreme Of
      Order Former Commander 0 E Sch neider of the Massillon Lincoln
      commandery Ancient and Illus Order of the Knights of i Malta has been
      named supreme commander of the at its convocation recently in
      Pittsburgh Schneider a former state com mander of the grand lodge of
      Ohio has held all the state and national posts that lead to the
      supreme commandership He has of been a member of Malta foe about He U
      president of the Firs

      Friday, October 26, 1956 Massillon, Ohio

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