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Desparately seeking Normandy/Sheehan/Vereskin/Kochutin

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  • wv_vance
    Any & all info on these families would be greatly appreciated. I have included everything that I do know about then with an Aufentel report which I don t know
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2007
      Any & all info on these families would be greatly appreciated. I
      have included everything that I do know about then with an Aufentel
      report which I don't know how to read & I have no idea what happened
      to 9 through 13 or if the numbers mena anything, I've also included
      any notes I've made about them... actually I just realized 9-13 is
      Petre Dushkin & kids but for some reason they didn't come out in the
      report. (((sigh)))

      Normandy-Canada & USA (Montana)
      Sheehan-Liverpool, Canada, & Alaska
      Vereskin/Bereskin- Alaska

      Here is what I do know:
      Luoise Rebekkah Sheehan 1895-1983 married Peter Frank Normandy 1877-
      1952 around 1918 in Havre Montana, had 9 kids & I descend from one
      of them, these are my great grandparents.

      Louise's info:
      Father William Joseph Sheehan 1844-193?
      (born in Liverpool, may have migrated to Alaska via Canada, died in
      the old pioneers home in Sitka Alaska no documentation or gravesite
      found for him. I believe his mother's name is Margaret, don't know
      his father's name but if Margaret is hi mother she was born in

      Mother Soffia Vereskin 1841-1900 (she was born in Morzhovoi Alsaka,
      I don't know where or when she died but William shows up as a
      widower by 1910 & his kids William Joseph Jr, Joseph Samuel & Louise
      are all in Native Boarding schools by then. It has been brought to
      my attention that she married a Petre Dushkin before Wm Sheehan &
      had children named Simeon, Liubov, Tatiana & Stephan. I don't know
      this is her as Lousie's school records state that her mother was
      born in 1875 not 1841)

      Peter's info:
      Father: Frank Peter Normandy 1845-?
      Mother: Mary Delia King ?

      Pete spent time in the deer lodge pen for cattle rustling or horse
      thieving he was chased by a posse all the way down to the Missouri
      where he shot his horse & used it to float downstream, why he shot
      the horse is beyond me but he was caught anyway. He was married
      before, I don't know if there was children from this marriage, my
      guess is that he beat this wife to death, or just beat her stupid
      like he did to my grandmother & great grandmother
      Notes for Mary & Frank: (I have no real further info on either one
      of these 2 people except to say that Peter & his father Frank were
      listed in the Montana pioneers index as having come from Canada to
      Missouri & then up to Montana. They had the following children that
      I know of Lilly, Donna, Frank Henry, Peter Frank, James Henry, &
      Martin Bernard.

      Ahnentafel Chart for Donna Mae NORMANDY
      First Generation
      1. Donna Mae NORMANDY was born 1921 in Great Falls Montana. She died
      19 Jun 1999 in Great Falls Montana.
      Donna Mae Christian Donna Mae (Normandy) Christian, 78, of 32nd
      Street and 15th Avenue South, died of natural causes Saturday at a
      local nursing home. Services will be held at a later date. Croxford
      & Sons Funeral Home is handling arrangements
      Montana Death Index, 1907-2002 Montana Death Index, 1907-2002
      Name: Donna M Christian
      Age: 78
      Estimated birth year: 1921
      Death Date: 19 Jun 1999
      Death County: Cascade
      Residence County: Cascade
      Social Security Number: 517169741
      Marital Status: Divorced
      Index Number: 4017
      Source: Montana State Genealogical Society
      U.S. Phone and Address Directories, 1993-2002 U.S. Phone and Address
      Directories, 1993-2002
      Name: Donna Christian
      Address: 801 4Th Ave N
      City: Great Falls
      State: Montana
      Zip Code: 59401-1586
      Phone Number: 406-453-7810
      Residence Years: 1993 1994 1995
      Donna was horribly abused by her father & her husband & was given
      shock therapy treatments over a long period of time to the point
      where she was not expected to live several times. She died in 1999 &
      we were not notified until I was going through the social security
      index & found her in 2006.
      Donna married (MRIN:3) Albert Burdine CHRISTIAN, son of Burdine
      CHRISTIAN and Ruth Ann BEELER (MRIN:6). Albert was born 13 Jul 1920
      in Battletown Kentucky. He died 26 Sep 1983 in Battletown Kentucky.
      Second Generation
      2. Peter NORMANDY was born 1877 in Montana. He died 15 Dec 1952 in
      Havre Montana. Peter married Louise Rebekkah SHEEHAN (MRIN:7).
      Montana Death Index, 1907-2002 Montana Death Index, 1907-2002
      Name: Peter Normandy
      Age: 75
      Estimated birth year: 1877
      Gender: Male
      Death Date: 15 Dec 1952
      Index Number: Hl 1231
      3. Louise Rebekkah SHEEHAN was born 1895 in Morzhovoi Alaska. She
      died 1984 in Havre Montana.
      Montana Death Index, 1907-2002 Montana Death Index, 1907-2002
      Name: Louise R Normandy
      Age: 99
      Estimated birth year: 1885
      Death Date: 17 Apr 1984
      Death County: Hill
      Residence County: Hill
      Social Security Number: 516402411
      Marital Status: Widowed
      Index Number: 1867
      Source: Montana State Genealogical Society
      Social Security Death Index Record about Louise Normandy
      Name: Louise Normandy
      SSN: 516-40-2411
      Last Residence: 59501 Havre, Hill, Montana, United States of America
      Born: 25 May 1895
      Died: Apr 1984
      State (Year) SSN issued:
      Montana (1953-1954 )

      Third Generation
      4. Frank NORMANDY was born 1845 in Canada. He married Mary Delia
      KING (MRIN:12).
      Is this my Frank?
      Montana Death Index, 1907-2002 Montana Death Index, 1907-2002
      Name: Frank Nrmandan
      Age: 82
      Estimated birth year: 1842
      Gender: Male
      Death Date: 23 Jan 1924
      Index Number: Ana 687
      Montana Death Index, 1907-2002 Montana Death Index, 1907-2002
      Name: Peter Normandin
      Age: 72
      Estimated birth year: 1843
      Gender: Male
      Death Date: 20 May 1915
      Index Number: 95-277
      Source: Montana Office of Vital Statistics
      Montana. Montana State Death Registry Index, 1907-1953. Montana
      State Genealogical Society, Montana.
      State of Montana. Montana Death Index, 1954-2002. State of Montana
      Department of Public Health and Human Services, Office of Vital
      Statistics, Helena, Montana.

      5. Mary Delia KING.
      6. William Joseph SHEEHAN Sr was born 1844 in England. He died 193?
      in Sitka Alaska. William married Soffia Rebekkah BERESKIN (MRIN:13).
      Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s Passenger and
      Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s
      I think that William originally started out as a minor but a
      liitle brown girl caught his attention & next thing you know he's in
      Dutch Harbor married with 3 kids! He was actually born in County
      Cork Ireland... I have absolutely no idea hopw he ended up in
      Alaska, just kind of glad he did. He was born in 1844 & his wife
      Soffia Bereskin was born in 1875 which I thought was really creepy,
      she was Aleut & Russian, but she passed away in 1900 when the flu
      epidemic hit the islands & Morzhovoi. So here's an Irishman with 3
      kids & a widower at that. He refused to marry again, & wrote my
      great grandmother often about his love for her & her mother. Once
      the Indian agents got up there they convinced him that the only
      chance his daughter & sons had at a good life were to be trained at
      these schools. But once the abuse started he would send the US
      Marshall's down there after them & had them deliver her money to
      her, which confuses me a bit...by all standards he was a wealthy man
      in that day & age. He was a billiard maker, owned his own shop & I
      have found that he owned stock in a hotel down in Seattle... maybe
      it all crashed.
      My grgrandmother never told anyone about her father or her
      brother's, her husband was a horrible mean man so she wasn't allowed
      to talk about them, & she was also not allowed to teach her children
      about the Bible but bless her heart she would do it & take the
      beatings that would sometimes last for hours according to my mother.
      So anything I am finding about my family I am hunting digging &
      searching for. I only found out about her brother's or where she was
      from on pure accident! First when I was a baby she had these
      pictures of a little church that was black & white but she would
      describe it to me in such great detail that I could picture it in
      color. My ex-husband was a fisherman up in Dutch Harbor who stayed
      over one yr for an extra season & he called me & told me about this
      little church with a gate around it & purple flowers everywhere I
      got chills from head to toe & told him to take a roll of film & send
      it to me overnight I waited outside the 1 hour photo like a father
      waiting for the birth of a child & lo & behold it was the same
      place!!!!!! Then about a year & a half ago I did a wildcard search
      for William Joseph Sheehan to see where else he may have lived &
      instead I come up with 2 little Indian kids at a school in Carlisle
      Pennsylvania! !! Huh? Well they were from Alaska & they were aleut
      but I had never heard of them.... the next thing I find is a query
      from an Alaska researcher who wants to know why there's a William in
      Alaska with 2 young sons by himself.... I think how many William
      Joseph Sheehan's can there be in Alaska? 2 of them! Okay but there's
      only one in Dutch Harbor!!! Sure enough they're his kids too! One of
      the boys was beaten & starved to death & thrown in an unmarked grave
      at the school but the other one made it out alive got married & had
      a daughter who married & had 3 sons & those 3 sons had 14 kids...
      I've met most of them! I just can't imagine how hard it was for my
      grgrandmother being in that place, being tied to a bed naked &
      beaten til she was bloody for speaking her language or for telling
      stories about her home. I have letters from the school & William
      going back & forth where they are insisting they are doing this for
      her own good or she'll never even have a chance to be so much as a
      maid for someone!!! Then marrying that horrible man & being beaten
      beyond recognition on most days. She was all of 4'9" maybe 80 lbs &
      never had an unkind thing to say about anyone, never smoked, drank
      or swore, never remarried, her faith could ve a mountain like a
      molehill. Someday I'm going to be 1/2 as good as her... I hope!
      1881 Canadian Census
      St. Stephen, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada
      Margaret Shean b. 1821 Ireland (Widow)
      Son. William Joseph Sheahan b. 1844 (Lumberman)
      son. Edward Sheahn b. 1859 (Farmer)
      Dau. Catharine Shean b. 1857
      **Rumor has it that Margaret Shean did not re-marry but was found in
      the company of a Mi'kmaq/Frenchman and had one son and one daughter
      him...I will do more research on her in New Brunswick region.
      ============ ========= ========= ========= ==
      William moves to Ontario for work on railroad in 1883. (Rail ties?)
      ============ ========= ========= ========= ==
      (Ukn) Kochutin m. 23 May 1831 Alaska Khristina Vereskin b. 1812 AK
      Dau. Sofiia Vereskin b. 16 May 1842 AK
      Dau. Anna Vereskin
      Dau. Paraskieva Vereskin m. 1 Jun 1867 Markel Balamutov Belkofski, AK
      Sofiia Vereskin m1. 23 May 1861 Peter Dushkin b. 17 Aug 1841 AK [F.
      Tofin Dushkin / M. Mariia (Unk)]
      Son. Stefan Dushkin b. 21 Oct 1863 AK
      Son. Liubov Dushkin b. 17 Sep 1865 AK
      Son. Simeon Dushkin b. 10 Jan 1867 AK
      Dau. Tatiana Dushkin b. 16 Jan 1870 AK
      Sofiia Vereskin/Dushkin m2. 1885 William Joseph Sheahan b. 1844
      Dau. Louise Rebbecca Sheehan b. 1895 AK
      Son. Joseph Samuel Sheehan b. 25 Apr 1894 AK / d. 25 Sep 1972 / SS#
      574-22-1123 issued in AK / LKA Anchorage, AK, 99501 / m. Viola
      (Unk) /
      Dau. Eunice
      Son. William Joseph Sheehan b. 1897 AK
      Both sons were sent to Carlisle Indian School in Pennsylvania and the
      Daughter was sent to Chemawa Indian School in Oregon.
      7. Soffia Rebekkah BERESKIN was born 16 May 1842 in Morzhovoi
      Alaska. She died 1910 in Morzhovoi Alaska.

      Fourth Generation
      8. Peter NORMANDY was born 1820 in Canada.
      14. Semen KOCHUTIN married Alashka Khristiina BERESKIN (MRIN:60).
      15. Alashka Khristiina BERESKIN.
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