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Re: VERA surname Brick Wall

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  • Suanne
    Hi Marilyn! Invite me! My mom is a Barber. Where are yours from? ... desendents of barber.i can invite u to join it doesn t cost anything maybe u can get some
    Message 1 of 7 , Dec 6, 2007
      Hi Marilyn!
      Invite me! My mom is a Barber. Where are yours from?

      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, marilyn krieger <inkie59@...> wrote:
      > hi nancy,
      > i am marilyn kay barber krieger i am in my family .com for the barbers and
      desendents of barber.i can invite u to join it doesn't cost anything maybe u can get some
      help there' drop me a e-mail if u want to join , marilyn
      > NANCY MARIE BABER <topfuel_55@...> wrote:
      > I found and have used these websites I found at my local library website in South
      Bend, Indiana & in Fremont, California where I grew up. They might be helpful to all.
      > http://genealogyspo t.com/
      > http://www.castlega rden.org/
      > http://www.loc. gov/rr/genealogy /
      > http://www.archives .gov/genealogy/
      > http://www.sjcpl. org/subjectguide s/index.php/ Finding_Birth_ Families
      > http://www.glorecor ds.blm.gov/
      > http://www.newengla ndancestors. org/
      > http://www.netlibra ry.com/Details. aspx
      > http://www.familyhi story.com/
      > http://www.loc. gov/coll/ nucmc/
      > http://www.uidaho. edu/special- collections/ Other.Repositori es.html
      > http://www.daddezio .com/genealogy/ ships/
      > http://www.genealog ytoday.com/ barrel/
      > http://www.genhomep age.com/societie s.html
      > http://www.daddezio .com/society/
      > http://www.vitalche k.com/
      > http://www.newspape rlinks.com/ home.cfm
      > http://www.archives .gov/
      > http://www.aclibrar y.org/research/ default.asp? topic=Research&cat=GenealogyCollec
      tionsandLibrarie s
      > http://ngsgenealogy .org/
      > http://www.acpl. lib.in.us/ genealogy/ index.html
      > http://www.genealog y.org/
      > http://www.onelibra ry.com/Library/ calslsut. htm
      > http://www.dar. org/library/ default.cfm
      > Link to St Joseph County Library Genealogy website lists
      > http://www.sjcpl. org/subjectguide s/index.php/ History-Genealog y_Websites
      > Link to Alameda County Public library Genealogy
      > http://www.aclibrar y.org/research/ default.asp? topic=Research&cat=GenealogyFamily
      > I'm sure there's more out there.
      > Happy Searching, Hope these sites can bring help to all.
      > Nancy Marie Baber
      > In South Bend, Indiana
      > Formerly from the San Francisco Bay Area.
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      > From: vav49 <no_reply@yahoogroups.com>
      > To: genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Friday, November 23, 2007 3:10:47 PM
      > Subject: [Genealogy Research Club] VERA surname Brick Wall
      > Hello Everyone,
      > I hope someone can give me advice on how to get around a brick
      > wall.
      > I am tying to research my paternal Great Grandparents. They are:
      > Joaquin VERA, wife: Mary/Maria CELESTINA. They are from the Azores
      > Islands, Portugal (not sure which of the nine islands). They had at
      > least one son (my grandfather) Joseph VERA, b. abt. 1883) Unfortunatly,
      > I have no event dates for them (birth, marriage, death), which is
      > making it very diffuclt trying to get info on them. I checked Ellis
      > island records but found nothing. I cannot get info from the Azores
      > without dates and the names of the town, parrish, and island.
      > QUESTON: Is there a website that has transcriptions or images of
      > the manifests for the ships that brought immigrants into the ports of
      > Boston, MA, New Bedford, MA, Fall River, MA and Providence, RI ???
      > Any suggestons will be most appreciated. Thank you.
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