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  • crazycandles83
    hello all! i m at a stand still on my dad s side so i m switching over to my mom s....here are the surnames that i m looking for: Uhlir (Bohemia--WI), Olson
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 9, 2007
      hello all! i'm at a stand still on my dad's side so i'm switching
      over to my mom's....here are the surnames that i'm looking for:

      Uhlir (Bohemia--WI), Olson (Guttenberg, Sweden--IL), Nelson (Farsund,
      Norway--IL), Thrun (Germany--IL), Krehmke (Pomerania, Germany--IL),
      Lawrence (Pomerania, Germany--IL), Voight (Germany--WI), Groeling
      (Germany--WI), Popelka (Bohemia--WI), Marquano (Bohemia--WI), Foucal

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