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My huge brick wall Lulu ???? who married James Alexander Fox

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  • Tammy
    I have been trying for a long time to find out any info on my Great Grandfathers wife Lulu. I will give what I have been told by my relatives. If any one can
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 23, 2007
      I have been trying for a long time to find out any info on my Great
      Grandfathers wife Lulu. I will give what I have been told by my
      If any one can help I would be forever greatful.

      Info on Lulu given hear is all verbal not proven.

      I two documents from her children one says Simon for maiden name
      other says McFarland.

      When Lulu passed away James let a King family raise her. I have met
      relatives of this King family but they do not know much either. Just
      that her mom was Lulu.

      Many Simon researchers say her maiden name is Simon and name brothers
      sister and parents but no proof has been found again word of mouth.

      All I have for Lulu:

      Ancestors of James Alexander Fox

      Generation No. 1

      1. James Alexander Fox, born 06 Jun 1858 in Des Moines, Polk
      Co, Iowa; died 24 Jun 1937 in Ogden, Weber Co, Utah. He was the son
      of 2. Enos Fox and 3. Sarah Fox. He married (1) Cora Davis. She was
      born 1882 in Utah. He married (2) Lula 'Simon' Simons Aft. 1880.
      She was born 03 Mar 1878 in Nebraska, and died 27 Apr 1917 in Rigby,
      Jefferson Co, Idaho. She was the daughter of Valentine Thomas Simon
      and Sarah 'Lucinda' Hardin.

      Notes for James Alexander Fox:
      James A Fox Dies Age 79
      James Alexander Fox, 79, of 1725 Lincoln Avenue, died at a
      local hospital this afternoon after a brief illness.
      He was born June 6, 1858, in Des Moines, Iowa, son of Enos
      and Sarah Fox and had lived in Ogden five years. His second marriage
      took place January 12, 1930, to Cora Davis Bryant Fox.
      Besides his wife, he is survived by the following children:
      Floyd Fox and Alva Fox, Burley, Idaho; Mrs Della Fuller, Monticello,
      and Mrs Daisy Shay, Union Gap, Washington, and the following
      stepchildren: Arthur Bryant, Mrs Dorothy Bentz, Mrs Dora Gerard,
      Walter Bryant, Gordon Bryant, Joseph Bryant and Delbert Bryant of
      Utah and William Bryant of California.
      Funeral services will be conducted at two p m in the Larkin
      and Sons chapel by Bishop Arthur Pledger. Interment will be in the
      North Ogden cemetery.

      More About James Alexander Fox:
      Age: 79 years, 0 months, 18 days
      Census: 1860, High Point, Decatur Co, IA
      Occupation: Apr 1930, Horse trader
      Property: Apr 1930, Tent & auto
      Residence: Apr 1930, South east edge of city - intransent

      More About Lula 'Simon' Simons:
      Age: 39 years, 1 month, 24 days

      Generation No. 2

      2. Enos Fox, born 1814 in Kentucky. He married 3. Sarah Fox.
      3. Sarah Fox, born 1815 in Kentucky.

      More About Enos Fox:
      Census: 1880, Dist 70, Benton, Fremont, IA roll T9_341 P195.3000
      image 0269.

      Children of Enos Fox and Sarah Fox are:
      i. Letihia Fox, born 1844 in Illinois.
      ii. John C Fox, born 1846 in Iowa.

      More About John C Fox:
      Residence: 1900, Indiana?

      iii. Enos M Fox, born 1850 in Iowa.
      iv. Sarah E Fox, born 1854 in Iowa.
      1 v. James Alexander Fox, born 06 Jun 1858 in Des
      Moines, Polk Co, Iowa; died 24 Jun 1937 in Ogden, Weber Co, Utah;
      married (1) Cora Davis; married (2) Lula 'Simon' Simons Aft. 1880.

      This is James and Lulu's childrens information:

      Children of James Fox and Lula Simons are:
      i. Allen 'Alby' Fox, born 11 May 1909 in Idaho;
      died 03 Aug 1959 in Austin, Travis Co, Texas; married (1) Faye Delia
      Miller; born 19 Jan 1914 in Sioux Co, Iowa; died 06 May 1966 in
      Michigan; married (2) Jessie Alice Roe Abt. 1945 in Texas; born Abt.

      More About Allen 'Alby' Fox:
      Age: 50 years, 2 months, 23 days
      Residence: 24 Jun 1937, Burley, Cassia Co, ID

      More About Faye Delia Miller:
      Age: 52 years, 3 months, 17 days

      1 ii. Floyd 'Curly' Fox, born 06 May 1911 in Red
      Bluff, Tehama Co, California; died 22 May 1962 in New York; married
      Nola Burnetta Cranmore 1934 in Oshkosh, Garden Co, Nebraska.
      iii. Delia 'Della' Marie Fox, born 20 Jan 1913 in
      Washington; died 21 Dec 1965 in Salt Lake, Salt Lake Co, Utah;
      married Lewis Cornelious Fuller 02 Jun 1928 in Preston, Franklin Co,
      Idaho; born 18 Mar 1901 in Adair, Navajo Co, Arizona; died 10 Jul
      1984 in Monticello, San Juan Co, Utah..

      Notes for Delia 'Della' Marie Fox:
      Della was raised by King family. She is listed with the King family
      1920 Census Woodside, Emery Co, Utah. They never adopted her
      although that is what the census shows. Her mother passed away when
      she was very young and her father James Alexander Fox put her in a
      convent of Nuns then the King family took and raised her.

      More About Delia 'Della' Marie Fox:
      Age: 52 years, 11 months, 1 day
      Census: 1920, Woodside, Emery Co, UT
      Residence: 24 Jun 1937, Monticello, ID

      Verbal info about Lulu and questionable McFarland marriage and
      questionable info on parents and siblings.

      2. Valentine Thomas Simon, born 08 Apr 1835 in Taylorville,
      Christian Co, Illinois; died 18 Feb 1890 in Strafford, Geene Co,
      Missouri. He was the son of 4. John 'Sy' Silas Simon and 5. Mary A
      Durbin. He married 3. Sarah 'Lucinda' Hardin 29 Apr 1858 in
      Christian Co, Illinois.
      3. Sarah 'Lucinda' Hardin, born 1839 in Taylorville,
      Christian Co, Illinois; died 1919 in Joplin, Jasper Co, Missouri.
      She was the daughter of 6. John Christopher Hardin and 7. Mary Ann

      Notes for Valentine Thomas Simon:
      1860 Census: Valentine F Simons 25, farmer, wife Lucinda 20, b. OH .
      domestic and one child; John Simons laborer
      Susan Simons 18 with Mathew Durbin, farmer. She married Sylvester J
      Durbin in 1861 according to the IL marriage index.
      Lucy Simons 16, with Elisha Durbin, farmer,
      Arthur Simons 14, with John Thompson, farmer.
      Silas Simons 11, with Brittan Harris, farmer.
      Elizabeth J Simons unlisted Ref: Simon.ged

      Children of Valentine Simon and Sarah Hardin are:
      i. Harvey L Simon, born 1858; died 1861.
      ii. Mary Simon, born 1860; died 1863.
      iii. Martha 'Mattie' Simon, born 1862; died 1936.
      iv. Charles Arthur Simon, born 13 Feb 1864 in
      Taylorville, Christian Co, Illinois1; died 1941; married
      Martha 'Mertle' Gibson; born 27 Apr 1879 in Joplin, Jasper Co,
      v. John Simon, born 11 Feb 1868 in Taylorville,
      Christian Co, Illinois; died 25 Nov 1956 in Provo, Utah Co, Utah;
      married Annie Dove Mckinsey 1889 in Thurman, Fremont Co, Iowa?2; born
      Abt. 1870.

      More About John Simon:
      Age: 88 years, 9 months, 14 days

      vi. Tidy Jane Simon, born 19 Apr 1871 in
      Taylorville, Christian Co, Illinois; died 26 Nov 1956 in Arkansas
      City, Cowley Co, Kansas; married (1) Hiram Franklin Jackson in
      Missouri; born 08 May 1855 in Canada; died 24 Nov 1936 in Klondike,
      Delta Co, Texas; married (2) Male Culley; born Abt. 1865.

      More About Tidy Jane Simon:
      Age: 85 years, 7 months, 7 days

      More About Hiram Franklin Jackson:
      Age: 81 years, 6 months, 16 days

      vii. Ida Lucy Simon, born 08 Mar 1874 in Illinois;
      died 30 Sep 1930 in Salt Lake, Salt Lake Co, Utah; married William
      Walter Morrow; born 1867 in Johnson, Christian Co, Illinois; died 24
      Feb 1950 in Salt Lake, Salt Lake Co, Utah.

      More About Ida Lucy Simon:
      Age: 56 years, 6 months, 22 days

      viii. Valentine Thomas Simon II, born 1875.
      ix. Silas 'Sy' Simon, born 1878; died 1944.
      1 x. Lula 'Simon' Simons, born 03 Mar 1878 in
      Nebraska; died 27 Apr 1917 in Rigby, Jefferson Co, Idaho; married (1)
      Robert 'James' McFarland; married (2) James Alexander Fox Aft. 1880.
      xi. Amanda Louise Simon, born 1882; died 1958.
      xii. Thomas 'Jeff' Jefferson Simon, born 13 Jun
      xiii. Valentine 'Volentine' Simon, born 05 Apr 1899
      in Iowa; died 21 Mar 1954 in Sacramento, Yolo Co, California; married
      Letha 'Sis/Leavy/Lucy' Celone Morgan Abt. 1920 in Colorado; born 06
      May 1900 in Booneville, Logan Co, Arkansas; died Sep 1972 in Angie,
      Washington Parish, Louisiana..



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