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Technology, Research and the Individual Genealogist Revisited

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  • Chris
    Technology, Research and the Individual Genealogist Revisited For those interested in current technology and research, review the newly updated: Regional
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2007
      Technology, Research and the Individual Genealogist Revisited

      For those interested in current technology and research,
      review the newly updated:
      Regional Genealogy and Local History Research

      This site approaches genealogy and family history
      on the Internet from the research specialist viewpoint, namely:

      From a top-down approach, major regional data sources
      are placed first, followed by a series of resources given
      from current link sites, including:

      National information, from Wikipedia, in CAPS
      National information, from the best current business links
      National information, if available, from GenWeb sources
      National information, Place Details from the LDS FHL
      National information, Wikipedia Portal, if available
      National information, Library of Congress Portals to the World
      National and sub national information, added as provided.

      In the case of the United States, this is presently done more
      thoroughly with Linkpendium and key state sites added. In
      other words, the site connects genealogy and family history
      local sources to key links from encyclopedia (use with care),
      business, genealogy, LDS FHL, Wikipedia Portal, government
      (Library of Congress) and further national and sub national
      information, added as provided. If information is not found
      at the sub national level, search higher on the ladder of
      regional interest. No advertising site.

      Enhancements are found on numerous other pages, such as
      new additions at Ancestor Roots Information Databases:
      Sub set UNITED STATES
      . . .
      InfoAviator.com - Directory of On-Line Federal Public Records
      "The completion date for all records in the United States,
      which includes all States, Counties and Cities is currently
      set for July of 2007, which will make InfoAviator.com
      the largest collection of public database records that
      can be accessed totally free of charge or registration
      to anyone on-line."

      Genealogists and family historians can best contribute
      to the future of Internet genealogy and family history, by
      (1) Contributing to Wikipedia articles to validate their
      accuracy and expand them to include data resources
      pertinent to the genealogy specialist. Wikipedia articles will then
      replace all of the current books and publications
      sold for profit, used by beginners and professionals.
      (2) Obtain business link contacts that are favorable to
      genealogy, family history and family living, to combine
      the experiences of the living children with the deceased
      fathers and mothers.
      (3) Promote peace and respect for all mankind.
      (4) Encourage LDS FHL Indexing and add online databases,
      where appropriate, such as the recent addition of Nova Scotia
      Historical Vital Records under CANADA:
      (5) Contribute scholarly publications to the LDS FHL
      depository so that they might be added to the Place Details
      of various country sites, which also are immediately sub
      divided into smaller regional areas by the Library System.
      (6) Contribute to the consolidation of records by country,
      so that every region in the world has its own "Linkpendium";
      all under the supervision of various local society organizations.
      (7) Contribute to the Library of Congress Portals to the World,
      professional and comprehensive links, to promote genealogy worldwide.

      Respectfully yours,

      Tom TInney, Sr.
      Who's Who in America,
      Millennium Edition [54th] through 2004
      Who's Who In Genealogy and Heraldry, [both editions]
      Family Genealogy & History Internet Education Directory
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