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Re: [Genealogy Research Club] Backing up your research

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    Another hint is to change your file names when you backup by using save as . For example instead of calling your files Heber.GED every time save them as
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2007
      Another hint is to change your file names when you backup by using "save
      For example instead of calling your files Heber.GED every time save them as
      Heber1232007-FTM.ged or Heber2232007-PAF.ged.
      by adding the backup date and the program you exported it from it will save
      you time when you have to go through the files to recreate data.

      Heather Callahan

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      To all of you. After years of research and heasring about computer
      crashes I started backing up every time I closed my program. If I had
      spent hours at the computer I made a GEDCOM of my info in case I needed
      a way to easily reenter the data and the GEDCOM
      was the best way.
      This I did without fail! Over and over I did this. I used PAF for a long
      time for the beginning; switched to FTM for its features, but finding
      flaws in that it too would not do everything I wanted kept my info on
      PAF. But here began another problem of making each one updated. So I
      tried to keep a GEDCOM of each.
      Now let me show you what I have at this point.
      A PAF proigram not updated due to time restraints. About 10 or 15
      backups without an understanding of the dates they were made.
      20 GEDCOMs without dates visible A FTM program also not updated, but
      backuped many, many times. GEDCOMs made from this data because info was
      entered later than PAF. Several GEDCOMs from Ancestry about which I
      don't remember their contents.
      3 GEDCOMs of 24,000 or more names, some of which I already have and 2
      4-drawer file cabinets full of paperwork not entered ionto either
      program. No one or program is perfect!
      I suggest as others do to back up your info, but I go one step more in
      saying to use unique names and date each one.
      This way when your cousin who you wrote to several asking for info
      finally sends it to you in GEDCOM form you can match and enter those
      56,000 names more readily.
      I found that by using the split feature of RootsMagic, I could at least
      see families on each half to compare, but to go thru this many names is
      no easy task. There are at least 5 researchers on each of my lines
      sending me info regularly and I am at least 6 to 12 months behind so
      good luck to each of you beginners and don't keep all your work in one
      place or computer, but date each so you will know if and when you need
      it, you can get the most recent BACKUP.
      By the way CDs and DVDs are great for backupos, but there too you can
      have the same problem of dating them.

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