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9945Re: new to genealogy!!

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  • stubbytate
    Dec 19, 2006
      Welcome to the world of sleepless nights trying to figure out a
      remote ancestor that no one can remember! LOL

      At least that's the way it's been for me since 1983 when I first
      started collecting all sorts of material on my family tree.

      One of the beauties of collecting information is sorting through all
      of it and it CAN get very confusing. If you are into computers, grab
      yourself a good software program (a great many out there - check out
      all of them in google and in some of their forums). I'd also get
      some sort of a file system going (there's a great many ways to
      organize your ancestors and many people who will give you their
      method. No method is wrong! Just work with what makes sense to

      Once you have those, invest in a good tape recorder and start asking
      a series of questions to the members of your family. Leave no one or
      nothing out unless they don't feel comfortable with the subject. A
      tape recorder and a camera are two of the most valuable electronic
      tools you'll have.

      Remember, obits are WONDERFUL but basically word-of-mouth so you'll
      want to get other documentations as well to prove existance, events
      and lines. Anything like birth/death/baptism certificates are a
      great start! There are TONS of documents you could gather so leave
      no stone unturned in your search.

      Memories fail so if one cousin's story doesn't match another cousin's
      story, don't worry about it. Accept both stories as fact until you
      can prove (with documentation) otherwise. Family feuds are started
      over the smallest arguments so try not to get caught up with "he-
      said/she-said" type of conversations. :)

      That's a good basic start for you. As you go along your adventure,
      you'll have tons of questions. ALWAYS ASK! And try to keep a very
      open mind :)

      Good Luck!

      Stubby Tate
      avonfromstubby@ yahoo.com

      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, "lotus_bl0ss0m"
      <lotus_bl0ss0m@...> wrote:
      > Hi, my name is vyki. i'm new to the whole genealogy thing, and
      have a
      > bit of information that i gathered from family and what little i
      > find. i'd appreciate any help and tips. i'm having a real problem
      > finding my surname CARSWELL. any help would be greatly appreciated
      > thanks a bunch!!
      > Vyki
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