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  • Rosemary Wofford
    Sep 9, 2006
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      Thank you Tom,
      I would love to be able to find an existing church record. I have been told so many different stories on Inez, that it has made me so confused that I wanted so very much to have a birth record to prove her birth parents.
      There are few surviving relatives to ask questions of...Onecousin , a grandchild of Inez, who lives in Indiana says Inez 's surname was JOHNSTON and that she was related to the General ALBERT SYDNEY JOHNSON who fought in the war between the states..This woman says she was very close to her grandmother INEZ and was told many stories of how courageous the general was...I think this was all a fairy tale. I have heard before of stories told of important people who were never related to the person telling the story, it all being a myth...
      ..I have Inez's buial records which state her fathers name was George and mother UNKNOWN. This info was given by the son of INEZ . I really think the granddaughter and the son who gave the info didn't have any idea of her parents names.
      The names you list below, Sidney and Lydia seem to me to be the true parents. and that her name was not spelled JOHNSTON, with a T. but Johnson . Now I must say that the son did spell her name without the T. and I have an article from the Covington News back in 1889 ,the year she and Thaddeus were married, and it said that Miss Inez JOHNSON of Covington was leaving on the fast train to Sanford Florida to marry Thaddeus W. Geiger.... I also have a copy of her marriage certificate with her name again JOHNSON, so that gives me proof of the surname ....I would be delighted to have a copy of her birth certificate which would give me the correct parents names, and that was what I have tried so hard to obtain, but to no avail...
      Can you understand why now after hearing my story I am so frustrated ....
      Thank you so much for the info you sent.I will add this to my Family tree maker, and until something more sourceful comes along , like a birth certificate, I will keep it this way

      Many Regards

      Tom Knox <tomknox2001@...> wrote:
      Rosemary -

      That is correct - that far back, there might not be a civil record
      (county or town) of her birth; there might be an existing church
      record or a family record (like a family bible).

      However, to find siblings & parents, you do not necessarily need the
      birth certificate.
      In the 1880 census, there are three main candidates:
      1880 Bullock, Crenshaw, AL - Ineze Johnson age 14 born GA
      1880 Bainbridge, Decatur, GA - Inez M Johnson age 14 born GA
      1880 Town, Newton, GA - Ines Johnson age 14 born GA

      Since you specify Newton County, I would suggest that circumstantial
      evidence leans towards the Newton County possibility (Decatur County
      is on the south edge of GA next to Florida).

      1880 Town, Newton, Georgia
      Johnson, Lidia/54, Elizabeth/18, Ines/14

      A widow and daughters - so let's look at 1870 -

      1870 Subdivision 96 (P.O. Covington), Newton, Georgia
      (all are marked as born "Geo")
      Johnson, Sidney/54?/farmer, Lydia/45, Newton W/24, Mary/19,
      (), Sidney A/15?, Samuel E/15, Anna/12, Indiana/9,
      (), N Elizabeth/8, Inez/4
      (two other JOHNSON households on the same census-page)

      1860 (P.O. Covington), Newton, Georgia
      (all are marked as born "Geo" except as indicated)
      Johnson, S R/46, L V/33, Francis E A/16, Newton W/13,
      (), Mary A/11, Sidnet A/8, Samuel F/5, Sarah A/3, Indiana/10m,
      (), W H/13, James/11
      next door is the household of)
      Johnson, Samuel/93:SC/farmer, Sarah A/83:SC,
      (), Samuel/52, Emily/35

      1850 Subdivision 65, Newton, Georgia
      (all are marked as born "Geo" except as indicated)
      Johnson, Sidney/33/farmer, Lidia/25,
      (), Frances/6, Williamson/4, Mary/1
      (next door is the household of)
      Johnson, Samuel/75:SC/farmer, Sarah/66:SC,
      (), Timutheus/25/female, Emily/22, Samuel/42

      1840 Town District, Newton, Georgia - Samuel Johnson

      1830 Newton County, Georgia - Samuel Johnson
      NOTE: Newton County was formed in 1821.

      Looking at AncestryWorldTrees
      (which are the same database as RootsWeb WorldConnect):
      Given/FirstName = SIDNEY
      LastName/Surname = JOHNSON
      SpouseName = BAGBY
      There are 5 family trees:
      Sidney Johnson married Lydia/Lidia Bagby;
      Sidney son of Samuel Johnson & Sarah A Hightower

      - Tom Knox IBSSG

      --- In genealogyresearchclub@yahoogroups.com, "arbywofford"
      <arbywofford@...> wrote:
      > I am trying to get a copy of our grandmothers birth certificate. Her
      > name was Inez Maude JOHNSON. She was born Nov. 8 1865 In Covington,
      > Newton county Georgia. I have been told that birth records were not
      > kept that far back. so what does a person do when that is the
      > I need to find the names of her parents and siblings...can anyone be
      > of help and give me some other options??
      > Rosemary
      > arbywofford@...

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