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9690Re: [Genealogy Research Club] copy of birth certificate for Inez Maude JOHNSON

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  • Rosemary Wofford
    Sep 9, 2006
      Thank you for your reply. My problem is , there are few relatives surviving who know any of the facts about Inez. I have written letters, made telephone calls and ask for pictures , but I have received no help. The two remaing grandchildren, have stories which are not true, one saying the name was JOHNSTON and that she was related to the General Albert Sydney Johnson..I have checked this out to find it false....The bit of info I do have has her name as JOHNSON...one is a marriage certificate, the other is a newpaper article...I will check with Newton County Historical Society and see if Covington , Ga. has any old newspapers that may give me help
      Thanks again

      Susan Ball <genealogy.researcher@...> wrote:
      This is where research can become more difficult. Some options are to: talk
      to all your family members to see what they know; find her in the early
      Census records - possibly with her parents & siblings (do research those
      siblings, you'll be surprised what you can find about your own direct
      relative); find your 'cousins' - other distant members of your family tree
      who may have information; find Bible records or private family papers; look
      for Biographies, Diaries, town/county histories and newspaper articles
      which may mention the family; locate marriage records or obits for her & her
      siblings which may mention her parents names & siblings names. There is
      more, but that's a good start.

      Good luck, if you need more help let us know.


      On 9/8/06, arbywofford <arbywofford@...> wrote:
      > I am trying to get a copy of our grandmothers birth certificate. Her
      > name was Inez Maude JOHNSON. She was born Nov. 8 1865 In Covington,
      > Newton county Georgia. I have been told that birth records were not
      > kept that far back. so what does a person do when that is the problem.
      > I need to find the names of her parents and siblings...can anyone be
      > of help and give me some other options??
      > Rosemary
      > arbywofford@...

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